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Love is Simply the Absence of Fear – Truth Revealed

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Love is The Truth

The word love is highly misunderstood and many of us fail to understand, that Love is the only Truth we can truly attain in life. It is used in new age and spiritual circles to the point of verbatim but after four or so years of searching for the deeper meanings of life. I was yet to find out what this word truly meant or how it could be fully incorporated into my daily life. I have tried to give explanations before on my blog. But, I now realise I was close but not quite fully there yet.

It is easy and clear for me now, to see why I would become so confused about the meaning of Love. It is because no one truly understands what the word Love means and the numerous spiritual prophets who try to explain what it means also have no idea what it means. Rumi had a fantastic understanding of the word, but that is a story for another day.

False Sentimentalism Attached to The Truth

Now to many, the word Love has become a highly sentamental statement. I.e. it is used to describe loving a person or loving a material possession etc.. These are all false explanations of the word Love. Love may manifest this way in some form or another. But it is not a true explanation of Love and never will be.

When used in the context of loving an object or a person. It is a degradation of the word and only tells you half of the story and not the full story. Also, the endless obsession many teachers have with telling people to be more loving and to ‘learn to love’ are quite frankly ridiculous when you grasp what the word truly means. Simply put, there is no’ striving to be loving’ or ‘trying to be loving’. Again, these are half truths that give us no further understanding of what the actual word Love means or how it manifests in our lives. Part of the issue with why the world is so lacking in love, is because people are ‘Trying’ to be more loving.

An Example of a Natural Truth

To prove my point, think of any person in your life right now, that you love or have loved and then ask yourself this question, did I try to love this person or make a conscious choice of loving this person? The answer in most cases will be a resounding No. The fact, that love generally occurs this way without any prior understanding of how it occurs, leads me to believe it is simply a natural phenomenon with no rhyme or reason. It is not something we try to do or strive to do. It is just something we naturally do and it is just something that naturally occurs.

On the other hand, if we dislike someone or feel some kind of intense animosity towards someone, we can generally find a reason for why we may feel this way. Again, test yourself now on it, think of someone you feel a dislike towards and then ask yourself the question. Is there a reason for me disliking said person? Generally again, the answer will be a resounding Yes. Which goes to show that the process of feeling fear and animosity is not always a natural process but is one that we consciously choose in some form or another and is driven at its root via fearful thinking.

Sound too complex? Allow me to break it down for you.

Breaking down Love as The Truth

Now, as I am already aware that I am running the risk of overcomplicating a very simple matter. As many already do. I am going to try and steer away from numerous examples and explanations! I will attempt to break it down to you as simply, as I possibly can today.

Last night, I was browsing through a blog online and was reading numerous ideas that I had read about many times previously, but then I stumbled across a particular line that practically jumped out at me and left a truly lasting impact upon me. So here is the line itself –

‘The Absence of Fear is Love’

Could it be any more simple than this? Love is Simply the Absence of Fear. No more and no less.

What does this statement actually reveal to us if we dig deeper on it? This statement reveals to us that Love is who we Actually are at our root level. It is not something that we need to try and do and it is not something we need to become. It is our Natural State, it is who we are already, fear continues to deceive us though!

How do we become Loving or learn to Love?

We don’t learn to be loving or try to become loving, we already are Love. Love as stated before, is our natural state. It is only Fear, that stops us from experiencing love, feeling love or knowing ourselves as love. It is also only fear that creates destruction in our lives. Suffering, anger, depression, anxiety, bitterness and all of the other numerous mental disturbances we suffer with are all caused by Fear. Fear is the cause of all of these things. Once fear is removed, all of these other numerous ailments are removed with it and our natural state of Love is experienced.

You wouldn’t ask someone to try and remember their own name all day long. So why would you ask someone to try and remember how to love? Asking someone to try and love is similar to asking someone to try and remember their own name or what day of the week it is. They are both equally ridiculous statements and will quickly lead you astray!

Experiencing the True Self Beyond Fear

Again, we must drop and let go of fear and we then can begin to immediately experience who we truly are again and the person we truly are is Love. There is no seeking love from other people, trying to be love or learning about love. All of these terms are highly misleading and leave you stuck in the rabbit hole of all rabbit holes.

It is simply Fear that causes us forget what Love is. Once fear is removed, our ability to know love is returned to us. We don’t need to learn how to love or try and force ourselves to love. It is just something we naturally already are!

The Curse Of Fear and the Havoc it Creates

I have written about fear before and how much havoc it wreaks on our lives. But now, I understand why this havoc occurs. The reason fear ruins many a life and is the cause of most of the awful events in this world is because when we live in fear, we are working against our natural state of being, collectively and individually. When we live in fear, we fight with our true nature. When we fight with our true nature, we are in effect fighting with our ownselves.

Our fearful thoughts promote fearful actions and worse than that, create fearful circumstances. In effect, when we work and think from a fearful place, we work and think against our true nature. We work out of harmony with our true nature which then leads us to forget our true nature. i.e we forget who we truly are as individuals. Once we forget our true and natural state of being in this manner, we are then confined to living in a state of suffering and profound misery. We have forgotten the truth and start living the lie. Fear being the one and only lie, that we must endeavour to conquer.

Fear causes us to Forget Love

It is imperative to understand that fear causes us to forget who we truly are. It is also crucial for us to understand that fear is at the root cause of all of the destructive circumstances in our personal lives. There is no cause other than fear. Fear is something added to who we truly are. Fear is something that we have added to ourselves that has caused us to forget who we truly are. We must always remember that Fear is not who we are, it is just an addition to who we are due to societal programming and brainwashing.

Fear is False and Love is Truth

Fear is an error and is false! We live in a world that promotes fear and falsity endlessly, despite this though, fear does not have any form of ever lasting or inherent truth attached to it. Love is the truth and the Only Truth that we need recognise. Again, once all fear is removed, only love remains. Once all error has been removed, only truth remains. Fear is False and Love is Truth. Remove all Fear and Error and you are simply left with Love and Truth.

Let go of Fear and Experience Truth

In conclusion, we must always remember, that whatever fearful conditioning we carry with us needs to be dropped. Fear is the only issue that needs to be removed so we can experience love for ourselves and love for the universe itself. It couldn’t be more any simple than this and if you can truly grasp this explanation today. You put yourself ahead of the pack!

Love is the highly misinterpreted word for the underlying energy that permeates all things in our existence. Once you truly grasp this, you have won the battle. It is not something we need to try and achieve, it is who we are already, just the fear filled world we live in has made us forget this simple fact. The Simple fact being – Love is the Absence of Fear.

Let go of Fear today and find your Truth once again, know yourself and by knowing yourself, you will know love again. A quote from Rumi to finish today.

‘Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.’ – Rumi

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