About Me

I am Josh and I grew up in Surrey in the south east of England.

My idea behind creating this blog was to simplify psychology and philosophy for the masses. I am a keen photographer and gym goer and I have worked as a personal trainer for the past 6 years. I enjoy the task of helping people to become better versions of themselves.

I have been highly interested in psychology and philosophy from a young age, but my interest intensified over the past two years due to the loss of my father and a close family friend to cancer. During the grieving process I found myself asking many life questions which led me on a search for the answers to life’s meaning. This is partly why I felt ‘The Seeking Mind’ was an apt name to title this blog.

I have read many books in recent times, including titles from Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle and Neville Goddard to name just a few. I have also been very inspired by the teachings of the famous poet Rumi. I now wish to share with you some of the knowledge I have gained as I feel there is a dire need for more simplicity in the self-help industry. I hope the knowledge I put forward will inspire you in the same way I felt inspired gathering it.