Welcome to The Seeking Mind

My idea behind creating this blog is to simplify self help and understanding of the human mind, there is a lot of conflicting information in the world today regarding psychology and philosophy with a heavy reliance on buzzwords and overly complex information. The Seeking Mind has been designed with the intention of making this information easily accessible and understandable for the every day person seeking a sense of peace and happiness in life.

WHO AM I? An age old question that prevents happiness

Who Am I?

One of the biggest issues in modern day society is we are often lacking a sense of who we truly are as people. We are searching endlessly for things that will provide us with happiness, entertainment and contentment. When you are in a mind state of only seeking happiness from external events then you are destined for a life of emptiness and misery. This is a very simple fact that seems to be overlooked very often in the modern world. Finding out who you truly are as a person and not relying on what society tells you that you are as a person is the key to finding a sense of contentment in life.

Seeking PEACE OF MIND? Let me help you find it

Finding the Courage to Change your life

Change is never an easy thing to achieve but I believe with the right guidance, making life changes are easier than you may think. Our biggest hurdle in life is often how we have been taught and influenced by others within our society. The common answer to every life question nowadays seems to revolve around working hard to become as rich and successful as possible or trying to seek fame in some form, the few who do go onto become rich and successful or famous often end up asking the same question they did when they were broke or unnoticed. They can’t understand why they still feel lonely, lost and anxious despite the fact they have achieved everything that they were taught would make them attain happiness.

I aim to break down some of these barriers on this blog and hope my thoughts will provide some clarity in your search for peace of mind.