Understanding the Subconscious Mind – The silent controller of our mind

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The importance of knowing that the subconscious mind exists

The subconscious mind is the hidden controller and operator of our everyday lives. Our deep seated beliefs, feelings and thoughts derive from this hidden and silent part of our being. We may believe everything we think and feel is merely a consequence of our everyday circumstances. But the truth far transcends this. Understanding the nature of the subconscious mind enables us to understand ourselves on a deeper level.

There are reasons behind how we think and feel about the world and they derive from this silent controller. The subconscious mind responds to repetition, this could be repetitive thoughts or repetitive actions. The subconscious stores this data to enable us to function effectively in life. There are dangers though when this part of our being is not guarded by our conscious self. We must attempt to control the thoughts and feelings entering our internal database.

The subconscious mind is the memory mind and is always awake, memorising conscious experiences during the state of wakefulness and keeping the body functioning during sleep. While the conscious mind keeps in touch with the exterior world through the senses, the subconscious mind keeps a record of all human experiences.‘ – Paramahansa Yogananda (to view the excellent article this was included in click here)

The link existing between the conscious and subconscious minds

The conscious mind is our everyday waking mind. Everything we see and experience in this moment is being experienced through our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind internalises and stores our external experiences. The subconscious mind which is the silent listener operates hidden away behind our conscious mind but it does not sleep like our conscious mind does. The subconscious does not have the ability to decipher thoughts and feelings in the same way our conscious mind does. It will even take in information while we are sleeping. The conscious mind understands the difference between good and bad thoughts. Our subconscious mind does not, it blindly accepts anything we present it with.

The subconscious mind is a place where our conscious thoughts, words and feelings are stored away and form the foundation of our beliefs about the world. Our subconscious is the storage room or the database our conscious mind uses to store our impressions of the world. If only positive imprints have been made on the subconscious mind then a person will form a positive outlook on life. If only negative imprints have been made on the subconscious mind then a person will form a negative outlook on life.

How the Child becomes the Adult

‘Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.‘- Aristotle

If from a very early age, a person has suffered with repetitive negative thoughts, emotions and belief systems being instilled in them from those people around them. They are much more likely to have a negative outlook on their own abilities and the world in which they inhabit. From birth to seven years of age are seen as the formative years of a persons life. The conscious mind is undeveloped during this time period. Meaning the subconscious mind has no filter in place to prevent unhealthy information entering it. The conscious mind is the filter to the subconscious mind. As a young child this filter is not in place causing us to be highly vulnerable to negative impressions entering in to our subconscious from those around us.

The resulting person will be an adult battling negative thoughts and belief systems about themselves that they seem to be unable to change or shake off. Aristotle, the famous greek philosopher even went so far as to claim that a adult mind is already formed by the age of seven years old. This also explains to us why many people find it hard to leave their childhood behind. It is not simple to leave your childhood behind when your childhood has formed the person you are today.

child with subconscious baggage
The child carrying their baggage into adulthood

The subconscious mind as our Servant not our ruler

It is man’s faithful servant but one must be careful to give it the right orders. Man has ever a silent listener at his side—his subconscious mind. Every thought, every word is impressed upon it and carried out in amazing detail.Florence Scovel Shinn

Learning that a lot of our experiences are a result of the subconscious mind. Allows us to understand that a lot of how we think and feel may not be healthy and may just be the result of past imprints. A result of bad data stored in our subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is the database of our minds. If you have an abundance of negative data and memories stored in your mental database then the conscious (waking) mind can only create negative thought processes. In some instances our subconscious can become our ruler when we should be making it our servant. Once we make the subconscious mind our servant, we find it becomes a very powerful ally to us in all circumstances.

Subconscious as the auto pilot behind our everyday lives

Sometimes people will drive their car to a location and question how they got there safely. They can’t remember the drive there or anything involved with the process of driving there. This is not quite as scarey as people seem to think it is though. It is simply a result of the fact, the process of driving has become so second nature due to being ingrained in the subconscious that the person can drive safely without a great need for high levels of concentration. The subconscious mind is so deeply imprinted with the ability to drive that the conscious waking mind no longer needs to think about the basic process of driving. This is an example of how powerful the subconscious mind can be. It also gives us a sign of how we may believe we are controlling our minds but they can sometimes be running on a form of autopilot.

This reveals how much of our daily thoughts, feelings and actions are governed by the subconscious mind without us even knowing or being aware of its existence. The subconscious clearly from this example has many positive aspects. Any repetitive action we carry out is stored by our inner being enabling us to perform skills and functions on a consistent basis. The example also highlights the dangers of a subconscious mind running on negative data, our repetitive negative thoughts may be the end result of a corrupted database.

Discovering the power of your subconscious mind

To understand that our lives may simply be a result of the power of our subconscious minds opens up to us a whole new level of possibilities. It enables us to understand the first step in creating changes in our lives. It enables us to understand that our thoughts and feelings may not be as real as they seem. They may just be the result of our memories, the company we keep and the media we were exposed to in our formative years. Far too often nowadays, depression and anxiety are classed as mental illnesses when they could just as easily be a corrupted mental database that needs cleaning up and restoring.

If our mental databases are clogged up with clutter and bad data, how can we expect to lead happy fulfilling lives? To solve mental health issues, we must confront the root cause. A subconscious mind full of viruses and bad data can become the root cause of many mental health issues.

Understanding the need to take control back

“If you do not run your subconscious mind yourself, someone else will run it for you.”Florence Scovel Shinn

We must start to understand the nature of our minds in more depth if we wish to become the best versions of ourselves. Simply giving up and accepting our thoughts and feelings as accurate is not a productive way to improve our lives. We must question our thoughts and feelings. We must try to understand whether our thoughts and feelings are our own or have been given to us by other people.

Digging into our subconscious minds is the first step in trying to shift our beliefs and lives from a dark place to a better place. We must also learn that these beliefs and thoughts are not always easy to change as they are so heavily ingrained. This is where the process of stepping away from your thoughts and beliefs becomes highly effective. Many of our thoughts might not even be our own thoughts and we must start to recognise this.

Beliefs built around lies not the truth

Many people carry around beliefs about themselves that are not accurate. You may find beautiful people believing they are ugly, slim people believing they are overweight, intelligent people believing they are stupid, talented people believing they are talentless, the list goes on. This is all the result of negative programming which resides in the subconscious mind. Negative impressions are left strongly on this portion of the mind resulting in self image issues or distortions of reality. The person suffering with these destructive beliefs are left feeling powerless and unable to shake of these feelings of inadequacy. This is because the beliefs have become heavily ingrained inside the person.

Our Subconscious mind creates reality

If the subconscious mind is not addressed or considered, then a person has a limited ability to change or make positive changes and is a slave to this hidden silent controller. The common saying is our thoughts create our reality. Our subconscious mind is the actual instrument that creates our reality as it is the powerhouse of our daily perceptions. The world we see and experience is largely governed by the impressions stored in our subconscious mind.

We may even attract positive or negative experiences into our lives through these belief systems. It is very common to hear of people making the same mistakes over and over again in life. This is because the person has grown accustomed to making these mistakes and may even believe they deserve hardships. A good example of this is a person seeming to attract the same kind of romantic partner on numerous occasions and not understanding why they do.

In a future post, I will begin to explain how we can start to bring the subconscious mind back under our control and no longer remain a slave to its numerous musings. The solution is easier than you may think.


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