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Understanding the Mind – Linking the Conscious and Subconscious

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One Mind with Two Primary functions

I previously explained the importance of our subconscious mind. It is the function room of our mind that we are often not even aware of. It is the home of all of our beliefs about life and if left undisturbed can run our lives without the operator even knowing its governing their life. We sometimes feel our conscious mind, the mind that sees and experiences reality through our five senses is the only thing we are as people.

You must become aware of the hidden database that lies behind your perception of reality. We must also become aware of the strong link and bond between these two parts of the mind and the importance of having them work in positive harmony if we wish to lead happy and successful lives. You must begin to confront the subconscious if it is not working with you. We need to gently coerce the subconscious to work for us and not against us.

After studying the Kybalion in recent weeks. I felt the need to clarify certain points regarding the nature of our mind. We have ONE mind that needs to be working in perfect harmony. Our ambition must be to have the conscious part of our mind linking with the subconscious part of our mind in perfect arrangement. I also felt compelled to simplify my explanation of the mind in to even more basic terms. I derived the ‘Giving and Receiving’ concept as a very simplified means of explaining the basic functions of our mind and its operation. This is certainly not the most scientific way of understanding the mind, but it is a very useful interpretation for people beginning their journey into philosophy.

Conscious = Giving function – Subconscious = Receiving function

There are many misinterpretations of our mind and some may even believe that we have two separate minds working independently from each other. We only have one mind. But the mind has two primary functions and they are twins which can never be separated. To explain this as simply as possible, the mind has a purpose of Giving and Receiving. The Conscious is the Giving function of our mind and the Subconscious is the Receiving function of our mind. The Conscious (our waking mind) generates thoughts and then gives the thoughts we think to the receiver which is the Subconscious.

We have one mind with two processes of operation. Neither part of the mind is more important than the other. They are both fundamental to our existence i.e. you can’t have one without the other. The concept that we have two separate minds was created to simply understand the process of our minds on a clearer basis. The dual mind concept does add clarity to a complex subject. But we must never forget the fact that we have only One single mind which is simply carrying out two different and equally vital functions.

Understanding how our Mind works is the Foundation for change

This is how your One mind is working at this very second. If you are only giving destructive and fearful thoughts to the receiving part of your brain. Emotions such as fear, depression, anger, jealousy, bitterness and resentment are sure to present themselves. If you have a disciplined mind which is focussed on only uplifting thoughts then you will experience feelings of happiness, joy, contentment, optimism and satisfaction. Thoughts we think on a consistent basis form lasting impressions. These lasting impressions are the things we then call our beliefs. We must start the process of changing beliefs by becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings. Only once we understand how the mind works, can we begin to change our belief systems. Understanding the two functions of our mind is the very foundation of all inner and external changes we wish to make.

The Linking of the One Mind – a simple process of Give and Receive

The Importance of living in the NOW – not past or future but NOW

The giving part of our mind must become managed carefully so we only feed the best information in to the receiving part of our mind. Living in the present is a key to success with this strategy. If we are living too much in the past or the future we are just reinforcing previous thought processes into our subconscious mind. We must learn to live in the Now, this way we can actually be aware of our current thoughts and start to question any thoughts we don’t wish to be imprinted.

Not living in the present moment is a large stumbling block to impressing the subconscious with healthy constructive data. If we manage to tame the subconscious part of our mind with new positive impressions then we will notice our conscious thoughts beginning to change, this is simply because the beliefs we have about life, which are logged in the subconscious are beginning to shift in a positive new direction.

Questioning thoughts is the first step to a healthier mind

We don’t need to destroy thoughts or throw them out, this is often a futile and hopeless chore. We need to learn to simply question our thoughts. Questioning your thoughts is the first step in asserting a level of control over your mind. To emphasise a point made in my previous post, the receiving part of our mind does not know the difference between good and bad thoughts. It simply receives any data we choose to give it. We must learn through our own discernment when consciously thinking that we must start to assert some level of guidance over the data we are transmitting to the subconscious part of our mind. The conscious mind being our transmitter and the subconscious being our receiver. Questioning our thoughts is our first step to taking back control. We can then begin to gently apply some will power over our thoughts and desires.

Impressing the subconscious – Changing beliefs

Once we get used to the process of questioning thoughts we can then begin the process of creating new positive impressions on the subconscious. We must understand that the information stored deeply in our minds results in the beliefs we have about our lives. If we wish to make changes, we must work on changing belief systems. i.e. beliefs such as ‘I’ve always been a angry person’ must be transformed into more positive variables such as ‘I’m a healthy and happy person’.

Beliefs are simply the result of thoughts that have become hardened within us

The commonly used expression ‘to have a hardened heart’ is simply a way of describing someone who carries such devastating beliefs about life that their heart has become closed off to love and emotion. They are so hurt and pained by their experiences. They have decided that the best course of action is to cut themselves off from experiencing love ever again. I think we can all agree that this person has also closed themselves off from the chance of experiencing any form of happiness ever again, such hardened and ingrained negative belief systems will manifest themselves in numerous ways. None of them good!

The more we repeat certain thought patterns the more ingrained in our subconscious those thoughts become. Understanding that our beliefs are simply hardened thoughts opens up new possibilities to us. We then begin to realise that if we can start to think contradictory thoughts to our hardened thoughts. We can weaken the power of our hardened thoughts and start to change our beliefs about reality.

Methods to be utilised

Affirmations, prayer, writing down desires, hypnosis, subliminal messages and positive mental visualisations are all very valuable ways of impressing and giving new impetus to our subconscious. We must start some daily method of action to start to shift our stubborn subconscious belief systems. Beliefs are the real creator of our reality. Our beliefs can even begin to predict our future outcomes.

The final part of the Jigsaw – The Heart and Emotion

The feeling aspect of thought cannot be ignored. Our thoughts produce corresponding feelings in our heart which are defined as the vibrations we are sending out. These vibrations leave a lasting impression on our subconscious. Every thought we have produces a corresponding vibration/feeling in our heart. To test this simply think of something positive and then something negative right now. Notice how your body feels when you have the thoughts you do. You will probably notice a feel of fullness and expansion when thinking a positive thought and you will notice a feeling of emptiness and a tightening when thinking a negative thought.

By carrying out simple tests such as this you begin to understand the nature of thoughts creating feelings and then leaving lasting impressions on your body and mind. I plan to delve deeper into this topic in an upcoming post where I will be focussing on Neville Goddard and his wonderful book ‘Feeling is the Secret’. His explanation of consciousness is really the perfect summary of the message I have conveyed here today.


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