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Ultimate Way of Controlling The Mind – Raising Vibration

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A quote to start, from Nikola Tesla on the importance of Vibration in the world in which we live –

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ – Nikola Tesla

The Ineffective Way and The Ultimate Way

Anyone familiar with my blog will understand I am no great advocate of positive thinking methods. I did try these methods myself and I found them to be completely ineffective. I have made previous posts on this very subject. My reasons as to why positive thinking methods are ineffective, is because they have no lasting impact on our mind and never get us to the root cause of many of our problems. If we have recurring negative thoughts arising, then we must confront them directly and swiftly. We do not attempt to ignore negative thoughts/ emotions or run away from them. We must always face them!

‘If you are possessed of Fear, do not waste time trying to kill out fear, but instead cultivate the quality of courage, and the fear will disappear’ – The Kybalion

Encouraging people to ignore or kill their thoughts and emotions is encouraging people to be ignorant. Ignorance is not a cure for fearful destructive thinking and never will be. Awareness is a much better method. Once we have become aware of our thoughts and emotions and have asked ‘Why do I feel like this?’ many times. We can then begin the process of finding freedom once again. It is at this moment, we question the validity/truth of our thoughts and then move onto the process of shifting our emotional state. We do this not by trying to kill off or ignore our current emotional state. We do this focussing on the emotional state that we wish to experience.

The Ineffective way is to ignore or try to deny our thoughts and feelings. The ultimate way is to become aware of our thoughts and feelings! After we become aware, we then to make a conscious choice to shift our emotional state to the one we wish to experience. i.e. deciding to raise our vibration. This article is an attempt to simplify a subject that often seems to be highly complicated. Once we understand the underlying cause of our emotional states and moods, we then begin to gain the tools we need to change our mental states or moods in an instant.

The Fundamental Link Between Feelings and Vibration

‘To change your mood or mental state – change your vibration.’ – The Kybalion

It is very important for us to understand that our thoughts and state of feeling/vibration are intrinsically linked. We often falsely believe that our moods are masters that govern us! We are a slave to our moods, when we should be learning to become masters of our moods. Many people will simply say ‘I am in a bad mood today’ and will refuse to entertain the idea they can change it if they wish too. Worse than that, they will turn to vices such as alcohol, sugar or other stimulants to raise their vibration. These are all highly ineffective and temporary fixes for more complex problems.

It does require a certain level of courage to change a mood when you are feeling the world is against you. But nonetheless, changing your mood can always be achieved if you can muster the slightest desire to change it. Never try to fool yourself into believing that you can’t shift your emotional states. If you have the desire to want to shift your mood/mental state, then you can do so fairly easily.

A Battery Running on Empty

‘Modern science has proven that all that we call Matter and Energy are but modes of vibratory motion’ – The Kybalion

If we are thinking negative thoughts and feeling negative feelings. Chances are, we have fallen into a very low state of vibration. If we decide to lift our state of vibration, we will immediately notice our thoughts and feelings beginning to shift in a new direction. The underlying cause of these overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings we are experiencing are because on an energetic level we have dropped into a very low state of vibration/charge. There can be many causes as to why we fall into a low state of vibration. Stress, misery, conflict, anxiety, anger to name a few. All of these destructive emotional states can lead us to feeling like we are a battery running on empty.

vibration raised
Raising our Vibration is Recharging our Mind and Body

This is why it is crucial for us to understand that our way of mastering our emotions is by recharging our battery when we fall in to bad emotional states. Once we decide to recharge ourselves, we will notice our thoughts, feelings and moods shifting almost immediately. By recharging your batteries, I do not mean you need to go away for a weekend to Paris or take a week off work. By recharging your batteries, you are simply going to be utilising methods that boost and recharge your vibration. These are practical daily solutions that help you to cope with the ordeals of daily living.

Remembering that Vibration is the Hidden Cause

I hope, I am clearly conveying the message here that the hidden cause of many a mental state or mood stems from our underlying state of Vibration. Once we acknowledge that our moods/thoughts/feelings are caused by our level of Vibration then surely our primary objective, is for us to find methods of increasing our vibration. The analogy of loud and quiet music is a very relevant here, if we wish to increase the volume of the music we turn the volume dial up. If we wish to decrease the volume of the music, we turn the volume dial down. If our car is running low on fuel, we take it to the petrol station to refuel it. When our mobile phone is running low on battery, we plug it into a charger to recharge it.

‘Everything in life is Vibration’ – Albert Einstein

We must view our minds and bodies in a similar manner, if we wish to experience better thoughts and feelings, we must find methods to increase the volume dial of our mind and body. We must refuel the mind and body with petrol and we must recharge the battery of the mind and body. As Einstein clearly stated, everything in life is vibration, the sooner we embrace this, the sooner we become empowered.

A ‘Lazy’ Method for Raising your Vibration

I was going to fill this post with endless methods of how to raise your vibration. And there are many methods of which can be utilised. Affirmations, prayer, meditation, mindfulness, visualisation are all highly worthy methods of achieving this. I have outlined in a previous post about the effective use of affirmations and imagination on focussing on the particular emotional state we wish to experience. I shared William Walker Atkinsons theory on focussing on Courage when feeling fearful. i.e. The concept of turning your attention to the feeling of Courage when you are currently feeling Fear. I will be touching on some of the other methods in the future.

Linking Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Today, I am going to be highlighting a much lazier method though. This method requires little to no mental effort on your part whatsoever. It sounds too good to be true I know! Over two years ago, I discovered the highly effective power of frequency music and its ability to immediately raise the vibration. Listening to frequency music such as this, really is the lazy method of raising the vibration and restoring our energy levels. Frequency music, has also been shown to enable people to enter deep meditative states with very little effort. A state that many Buddhists took years in the past to master.

To briefly explain how this process works – The Higher Frequency we are listening to via the music, raises our own Frequency as a positive effect. A raised Frequency enables us, almost instantly to experience a raised Vibration. This higher level of Frequency and Vibration also restores our bodily Energy levels to a higher place.

This brings us back to the quote from Tesla regarding Energy, Frequency and Vibration as being the secrets behind the Universe itself!

Listening to music such as this does not require deep meditation techniques or any intense levels of mental concentration. You must simply try to relax and close your eyes when you put the music on. Focus on your breathing, take some deep breaths through the nose and exhale slowly, if your mind continues to be at conflict, aim to bring your attention back to your breathing till the conflict clears.

It is preferable that you listen to this music when you are seated or lying down in a comfortable quiet place. It is also preferable you use headphones, but simply playing through the computer speakers can also work very well. I have found music such as this is highly effective, even when simply playing it in the background whilst going about my daily business.

Links to Vibration Raising Music

I will end this post with a few links to a channel called ‘Taos Winds Spirits Music’, that I have recently discovered. Part of the reason why I think this channel is superior to other channels, is because they clearly outline below their videos the purpose of the particular music they are sharing. This enables you as the listener, to gain a greater understanding of what you are trying to achieve when you listen to the music. The first video is only 5 minutes. I hope it reveals to you, why you don’t even need a big time commitment for this method to become effective. The second and third links are both longer tracks.

1st Link (5 mins), 2nd Link 3rd Link

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