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The True Hidden Secret to Life – Discovering Faith

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‘The Hidden Secret’ by Christian D Larson

I recently discovered a book by a relatively unknown new thought author called Christian D Larson. Larson was one of the pioneers of new thought writings and was also one of the founding fathers of law of attraction teachings that are so highly prevalent today. The particular book I am going to focus on today, did not attain worldwide fame, was not a bestseller and didn’t inspire a blockbuster movie in the same way ‘The Secret’ did by Rhonda Byrne.

Christian D Larson remains an obscure author who is barely known in the modern world. But the value of this short 100 page book can not be understated. It is truly an overlooked hidden gem of self help wisdom that is hidden away in a sea of overly complex and confusing modern day teachings. This book is ‘The Hidden Secret’ in more ways than one.

Larson was an Underrated Pioneer of LOA

Larson was one of the pioneers of the new thought movement, the original movement which has been transformed into the modern day Law of attraction. He was well acquainted with the Christian Mysticism that formed the foundation of the new thought teachings. The main foundation of New thought teachings was for us to find and connect with God from within ourselves.

Larson didn’t use overly superstitious buzzwords and he didn’t charge people thousands of pounds to attend courses. His message was much more simple and much more genuine. Larson wrote highly in depth books and highly simplistic books on mental development. But the underlying message of his books were generally always the same theme.

Author of the Hidden secret
Christian D. Larson – Pioneer of the New age

Larson taught the need to go within ourselves to find God, not to seek an external deity but to find god by looking within ourselves. Once we achieve this, we will then discover the true meaning of self awareness. His method was very straightforward, no gimmicks were necessary for him. His focus was always on the great power waiting to be unlocked within, if we simply decided to connect with it. The power I speak of here is the, the inner self.

What is the Hidden Secret?

The hidden secret is Faith. The book focusses solely on this one attribute, faith is seen as the key that can unlock all the doors. Yes, faith really is that powerful. We are not talking of religion here or different belief systems, I have no plan to cover anything such as this today, these are all highly contentious subjects that cause much controversy and division. I do not wish to write about divisive topics. I wish to convey simple truths, that are not hard for the reader to comprehend.

‘To him who has faith all things are possible’ – Christian D Larson

We will instead, be discovering the meaning of unadulterated faith in its purest form. Faith is often wrongly associated with holding a belief system of some kind or another. It has come to a point, that if you even mention that you have faith. That you may be seen as highly religious or following a very strict set of beliefs about reality. I wish to dispel all of these myths today. We don’t need to become highly religious or follow strict doctrines on morality to have faith. Faith is not about believing in the external, it is about us connecting with our inner selves, the great within that is our inner consciousness. We must hold faith in our inner self, the invisible power that lies deep within ourselves.

‘Faith is not mere belief, neither is it a doctrine about anything that was, is, or is to be. Faith and Belief have nothing in common, they are as different as darkness and light.’ – Christian D Larson

As Larson states, faith is something much more powerful than any belief system. Faith and Belief actually have very little in common, despite many people having the misguided notion that they do. We must discover faith in the inner self and must not allow ourselves to get sidetracked by seeking more external belief systems to follow. We already have too many external false belief systems that we have to wrestle with, we should aim to shed any pre existing beliefs we have and simply have faith that all we need is within us. Belief requires constant evidence, faith transcends belief and becomes a sense of inner peace, knowing and feeling that the best is yet to come.

Discovering the Hidden Secret is Faith

After much confusion and after much reading, I decided to sit down and discover the basic premise that was shared in common by all of my favourite authors. When you read a lot of self help books, you can often become highly confused and not know which way to turn. Every teacher has a slightly different method and you begin to wonder who has the best method. You keep searching and searching, wondering where the definitive proof lies. Information overload can lead you to this state of thinking. When you gain a lot of knowledge, instead of having less questions, you can sometimes find yourself left with more questions and less answers. Paul Weller stated in his song ‘The Changing Man’, about this very problem.

The more I know, the less I understand– Paul Weller

To settle this state of confusion I was left in, I decided to look a little deeper. I decided to ask myself the frank question, what is the one premise that all of my favourite authors agree upon. I knew they all had different methods and different ways of teaching, but what was the one teaching they all shared in common? Suddenly had a breakthrough when I asked myself this question and realised that all roads did truly lead to Rome. The one premise that all the authors agreed upon across the board was that we must have faith.

Neville Goddard, Joseph Benner, Joseph Murphy, Mabel Collins, Christian D Larson, Sri Aurobindo, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ramana Maharshi, Wallace D Wattles and Florence Scovel Shinn. All of the methods differed between these great teachers, but one thing between them all remained constant. They all agreed upon the same basic premise, that faith is the very foundation of progression.

The answer had been staring me in the face the whole time, but it took me to find ‘The Hidden Secret’, before I finally managed to unearth this great hidden truth. Having faith is the answer to all of life’s questions. Faith is the primary attribute we must seek, before worrying ourselves about anything else. Without finding faith, we will find our progress on this path is highly limited. Finding faith is the very foundation of finding a happier and more fruitful life.

What actually does Faith mean?

‘Faith, the Strongest principle is made your own by your simple trust, though you knew nothing of the reality’Joseph Benner

As Benner, states here Faith is the strongest principle to work towards and it is a matter of simple Trust. It is not about engaging in complex belief systems. In fact, it is the very opposite of hardened and narrow belief systems, it is trusting that the unseen could become a reality. Belief is highly limited, faith is completely unlimited. We don’t need proof or evidence, we simply need to trust that our dreams can become a reality. Faith is not something that can always be visibly proven, it is something that we can only feel inside ourselves.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.– Hebrews 11:1

This line from the Bible again emphasises the point I have been trying to get across, faith is simply the ability to trust in the evidence of things not yet seen. How often have you imagined something in the future that would bring you great joy, but instead of trusting that you can have the thing you imagined, you immediately begin to doubt yourself and tell yourself that it has no chance of ever becoming true. We must learn to trust that the things we imagine are not just a mere delusion, but could actually become a genuine reality. You must have have trust in your inner self/consciousness.

People with faith, trust that anything is possible in this world. They trust that the things they imagine could come true. They might not always succeed at first, but they trust in themselves and the world that surrounds them. People who live in fear, have no trust in their capabilities and doubt that any good outcomes are possible in the future. Fearful people do not trust themselves or the world that surrounds them. Fearful people lack confidence, they are inherently mistrustful of themselves and others.

Confidence is the Modern word for Faith

People often speak of confidence, but it’s highly misunderstood. Having confidence is the same as having faith. To have confidence in yourself, is to have to faith in yourself. To have confidence in yourself is to trust in yourself. It is so simple once you see things clearly, the confusion and mist suddenly vanishes from your eyes.

We need to become more trusting if we wish to advance in life. We must begin to trust in our inner self and the future of things yet unseen. Have trust in yourself today at this very moment, trust that the past didn’t hinder you, but helped you to become the person you are today, trust that your hopes for the future will come true. It really is this simple, learn to trust and everything changes.

What I can’t be today, I can be tomorrow– Paul Weller

This lyric from Paul Weller mirrors the quote from the Bible in Hebrews, Weller trusts that he may not be today what he wants to be, but he will be what he wants to be tomorrow. This is the true meaning of having faith and confidence, he trusts that the things yet unseen today, will become seen tomorrow.

Faith = Trust and Faithless = Mistrust

To summarise, Faith is having trust and being Faithless is not having trust. Being confident is having trust and lacking confidence is to be lacking in trust. Remaining Hopeful is to have trust in the future and to be hopeless is to lack trust in the future. Courage is to trust and being fearful is to lack trust. Being grateful for the past is to trust in the past and to resent the past is to lack trust in the past. Being happy in the moment is to trust in the moment, to be unhappy in the moment is to lack trust in the moment.

Everything comes back to the same starting point when you look at it in this way. You either have trust or you don’t have trust. You are either faithful or faithless. It really is this simple! Pick a side.

Faith is the only Secret that you need to Discover

Faith is the hidden secret to everything, the key that unlocks every door that may exist in the universe, faith is the perfect way to that inner world from which all things proceed, faith is the royal power to unbounded power, immeasurable wisdom and limitless love, faith is the gates ajar to that kingdom which first must be sought if all other things are to be added, faith is the hidden secret to every desire and need of man’ – Christian D Larson

A lot of modern day philosophy can become highly complex when you look at the sheer amount of words being used to convey messages. But once you understand that Faith underlies all of the different interpretations. You are suddenly set free from bondage. This is why Larsons ‘The Hidden Secret’, is such a golden piece of writing. He clearly conveyed that faith was the basis of everything in life. With faith and the basic ability to trust, we have everything, without faith and trust, we have nothing!

‘Everything is limited when faith is absent, everything breaks bounds when faith appears.’ – Christian D Larson

Faith is the starting point we must return to at every point in our lives. If you are seeking a belief system to follow, seek this belief system and seek no others. You will find the rewards are much greater than following any false idols. Faith is not something that can be scientifically proven in a lab, it far transcends this. Faith is not a thought or a method, it is something we feel with deep conviction within ourselves. It is our secret weapon, that can overcome many of the issues we encounter.

We must learn to trust purely for the sake of trusting. Only then, can we unlock and tune ourselves in with that mysterious power that lies deep within ourselves. We don’t need to believe in this, we simply need to trust that there is something indeed, that is greater than our five senses and conscious experience of life. We must learn to FEEL and walk in faith. Faith is the sixth sense, that we are yet to discover.

Faith is a kind of sixth sense which works in cases which are without the purview of reason.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Who or What should we have Faith in?

You need to have faith in the great hidden secret power within yourself. This is the true nature of becoming spiritual, it is realisation that we are partly dual in nature. One part of us is merely human/physical and the other part of us is spiritual/divine and is our gateway to connecting with the Spirit/God. The more we strive towards connecting with our spiritual inner self, the more we will find life will begin to shift in a new and positive direction. If we live merely in the external world, we have no faith and are a slave to the events of the world. If we begin to connect with and trust in the internal world, we find faith.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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