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Steve Jobs Explains How to Build your Dream Life

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Building The Dream Life – The Steve Jobs Method

After three years of reading many different life philosophies and numerous books. I didn’t foresee the fact that one of my favourites quotes and teachings would end up coming from a tech billionaire. One of my favourites quotes is not from a yogi or a spiritual leader, but it is from a very famous tech billionaire named Steve Jobs. I am not going to go into a long explanation or diatribe about who the late Steve Jobs was. I am sure most people are fully aware of who Steve Jobs was. He was the outstanding maverick mind behind the Apple brand that has gone onto world wide domination in 2021.

It is very safe for me to say, that Apple would never have got to where they are today without Steves desire, hunger and ambition to drive the brand forward. He had his pros and cons as a human being, but one thing we can all agree upon is the fact that the man was a revolutionary and a maverick. He was an extremely creative, successful and driven human being who refused to accept or settle for second best. As a long time user of Apple products myself. I have always appreciated the simplicity and beauty of the products that Steve was keen to push the company to develop.

A Paragraph That Will Change Your Life

Steve Jobs was also highly interested in spirituality and his favourite book was the truly excellent ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda. His life was inspired by this book and he often spoke of it during his lifetime. Now with all of that being said, allow me to share this extremely powerful quote from the man himself.

Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life, Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion’s drown out your own inner voice. And, most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.‘ – Steve Jobs

So as we can see from reading this back. This is an extremely powerful paragraph from Steve Jobs. It truly sums up everything we need to know about life in a condensed and simple to understand explanation. Jobs here has pretty much summed up the meaning of life and the path we need to take in one paragraph.

My reason for finding this quote so mind blowing, is because of the simplicity of the language used here. There are no vague words or concepts thrown in here, this is pure unadulterated truth in its rawest form. If we can truly grasp this statement, we have all the keys we would ever need to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Finding Life again Via the Heart

I have written much about going within recently and connecting with the heart again. This statement confirms a lot of my thoughts on the subject. It is crucial for us, not to stay confined and limited by our intellectual thinking minds. We need to connect with the Inner Self again, the Heart, the intuition and that is the path we must stay focussed upon. Due to the sheer beauty of this statement. I am now going to give you a breakdown of each sentence in this text. Each sentence has its own unique pearl of wisdom that must be dissected in further detail if we wish to fully digest this. It is also ties in with many of my favourite teachings from Neville Goddard and Rumi, the emphasis being on Feeling is the Secret.

Your Time is Limited. Don’t Waste it living someone else’s life.’

Do not take time for granted, act and live in the Now. Do not live in the future or past, live in the Now. Also it is crucial we make use of our time by living the way WE wish to live. We are not here to live someone else’s life, we are here to live our own life, we are to be our own unique individual selves! We must not be trying to live the life someone else has told us we need to live. You must value our own unique identity, not take on the identity of someone else.

Don’t be Trapped by Dogma, which is living the results of Other people’s Thinking.

Do not keep seeking outside of yourself for wisdom from others, put the books down and drop all of the belief systems and religious dogma you are holding on too. This is the true essence of going within and trusting yourself. To seek external guidance all the time is to be living the results of other people. To seek internal guidance from your own intuition, is to be free from dogma and external attachments and to remain true to yourself.

Following religious beliefs or doctrines places you into a trap and prison. To blindly follow the rules, society teaches you to conform to, is to fall into another trap and prison. You must understand that you are the only person you should seek guidance from. You should not be living the results of other people, you are unique in your own way and other people are unique in their own way. Carve out your own unique identity in the world today and do it your own way!

Don’t Let the Noise of Others Opinions Drown out your own Inner Voice.

Listen to yourself, listen to your heart, do not blindly listen to others. Learn to trust your Own inner voice, stop allowing other peoples voices to overpower your own voice. The minute your inner voice is drowned out by other peoples voices, you are going badly astray and off course. How many times have you ignored your impulses due to the fact someone else told you it was a bad idea?

The minute you listen to your own voice again, you are finding YOUR own way again. You must learn that you can trust your own inner voice and inner guidance, you do not need to rely on other people to provide you with guidance. Stop letting your inner voice be drowned out by external heckling from other people. They are not you and you are not them! Do not let other people dictate your desires in life, you know what your desires are. Your inner voice tells you what your desires are, do not allow them to be silenced and disregarded.

Living the dream life
Rediscovering the Dream Life you Always hoped for

And, Most Important, have the Courage to Follow your Heart and Intuition.

To follow your heart and intuition requires Courage and more Courage, but it is worth it in the long run. Other people in your life may not like it when you go against their advice. But it is your task to fulfil your own destiny in this world. This does require courage to go your own way and take your own pathway, but the benefits will always outweigh the risks in the long term.

If you refuse to follow your heart and intuition, you are on a surefire route to feeling regretful and resentful about the life path you have chosen. You will find yourself with endless unresolved issues and baggage due to all of the repressed desires and potential opportunities that you had for your life path that were merely left unexplored and unexpressed. Follow your heart felt desires and allow to come to fruition, do not suppress or block them.

This is just a waste of your life. Find the courage again right Now, this minute, to live the life you want to live. Forget Society, forget the media, forget the past and know that it no longer defines you. Learn to follow yourself again! We live in a society where Thought rules, because of this, our powerful intuition is forgotten and tossed aside. The intuition must rediscover its hey day once more. Rediscover your intuition and imagination today!

They Somehow already Know what you Truly Want to Become.‘ –

As stated previously, the heart is our connection the divine. It is our True self, it is the place where our true desires stem from. We wrongly think our heavily conditioned intellectual mind and personality defines us as human beings. We believe the negative thoughts we have are who we are as people. This is simply not the case! If we push the domineering intellect/mind aside and start listening to our heart again. Then when we truly begin to feel and become our true selves again.

Notice also here, that Steve does not try to define where this intense desire, wisdom and power stems from within our hearts. He leaves it up for speculation and is happy to share it in this manner. As he states earlier, he wants us to lose all dogma. Just be open to the fact that the internal wisdom we have merely exists inside of us and is merely waiting to be utilised by us. We don’t need to define it with words like God or Infinite wisdom. We simply need to recognise this internal power and deep wisdom we hold within ourselves.

By pushing the conditioned thinking mind out of the way. We tap into this great reservoir of power that we hold within ourselves. There is no need to define or label this wisdom or power, we should just begin to appreciate that we have this great power and wisdom lying dormant within ourselves. We must also listen to our desires and value them, not try to block them off or suppress them.

Everything else is Secondary.‘ –

Yes, everything else (The Outer Self) is secondary to this. The Inner Self needs to reign supreme as our Primary outlet again. As Rumi said himself, our intuition and awakened heart is the King and True ruler within us. Neville described it as ‘Feeling is the Secret’, both Neville and Joseph Murphy described it as going beyond your five Senses. We must allow this King to take his throne again. Allowing the intuition, our sixth sense to rule again is primary here. Once we achieve this, the heart leads the mind again, instead of the tyrant mind leading the heart. The intellectual mind is often highly ignorant and dogmatic, the heart is a fountain of wisdom laying dormant waiting to be reawakened.

Final Key Point – Become Governed by Desire

On a final note, it is key here for me to also mention how this ties in with the law of attraction and our ability to build the lives we wish to live. We must surrender to our desires and allow them to happen in the most natural way possible.

If we truly start living from the heart/Inner self. Our lives become effortless and we attract to us the life circumstances we wish to attract. The main cause of us attracting bad life circumstances such as poverty, bad health and failed human relationships is because we allow ourselves to be governed by the intellect and refuse to listen to our hearts and our true desires. This is also ties in with my previous post about allowing ourselves to be governed by our desires. Jobs is telling us here, in stark terms that we must become governed by our heart felt desires and not block ourselves of from achieving our heart felt desires.

Allow The Heart to Rule the Head

Again, once we allow the heart and intuition to rule again, we become powerful magnets for bringing success into our lives again. Whether this be physical health, financial success or loving human relationships.

We suddenly see miracles occurring in our lives without trying to make them happen. There is no need to force or control our lives or be endlessly be seeking outside opinions. This is the intellect deceiving us. Once we reconnect with our hearts, our Inner Self, we begin to trust in ourselves and our thoughts naturally become aligned and positive again.

We naturally go with the flow, our health improves and our life circumstances improve. If we can learn to truly embrace Steve Jobs message here, then we can begin to effortlessly manifest and attract positive circumstances into our lives. The simple Key is to listen to our hearts and not stay trapped in our heads! This is The Key to Life that we have been searching for, a biblical quote here to round out this long post. Jobs message here is mirrored in this particular biblical quote.

I Can of Mine Own Self Do Nothing. The Father That Dwelleth in Me, He Doeth the Works.

Translated into more understandable modern language-

‘I Can Do nothing via the Intellectual Thinking Mind. My Heart and Intuition Within Me does the work!’

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