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Self responsibility and Escaping the Victim mindset

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The Second Step to Life Change

Allow me to now outline the second step in instigating life changes, to see the first step Click here. In the first post I asked the reader to simply ask themselves a basic question about there own thoughts and feelings about life, in the second post I am going to outline the importance of accepting self responsibility for your life if you wish to progress.

What is the Victim Mindset?

The Victim mindset is a deadly mindset. It plagues all of us in one way or another and is a very difficult one to break free from or even recognise in ourselves. It is the mindset that allows you to take comfort in the idea that nothing is your own fault and leaves you completely free of responsibility. Whilst you may take comfort in the idea that you are completely faultless and have nothing to be accountable for. This mindset will eventually become your worst enemy and will severely limit your chance of lasting change.

I’m sure many of you will already know people with the victim mindset, they are usually the people you meet who will spend a lot of their time talking about their circumstances and will rarely mention changing anything in their lives. They will also externalise all of there issues on to other people in their lives. Family, friends, partners, and work colleagues, no one is safe from there damning verdicts.

This is not to say that the concerns they have may not be justified, it is to emphasise that many people do not see the importance of changing there circumstances if they don’t like them. They get stuck in the game of blaming and not changing.

Feel trapped or unable to move forward? The victim mindset can create this

You have Free Will to choose

We all have free will to a degree and it is fundamentally important to appreciate this on a daily basis. If you feel you suffer with the Victim mindset, then you must question your statements when you cast blame over other people or circumstances in your life. Yes, there is a problem and you don’t like it, we have now confirmed that much. We all have things in life we don’t like and wish to change, this is human nature to a degree.

The progression from this though must be ‘what am I going to do to change this?’, instead of spending the next day finding people to vent your frustrations too and then doing nothing to change your circumstances. You must plan your next step, simply ranting and raving to anyone who will listen is unlikely to solve the problem you have identified and might even push them to avoid spending time with you in the future.

This is why the victim mindset is a deadly enemy, it limits any chance of change as you do not believe you are capable of making any change in your life due to giving your responsibility away to your ‘annoying boss’ at work or your ‘irritating friends’. Accepting full responsibility for your life and actions is a crucial next step in building the life you dream of. Whilst remaining responsibility free may feel good at times, progress can not be made until you swallow the bitter pill that has self responsibility written all over it.

The Power to create a new life

With self responsibility will come a new found power in your life, you may have to accept you have some faults. But the price of that will be small in comparison to the feeling of controlling your own destiny. Leaving your destiny in the hands of luck, other people or circumstances will not allow you to make the changes you wish to make. In part 3, I will be looking at how you start to utilise your imagination to create changes in life.

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