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Rediscovering Unlimited Possibilities – The Power of Faith

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The Limited Possibilities of Adulthood

As we grow older, we gain more experience and knowledge. In the process of gaining experience and knowledge, we often lose faith in ourselves and the world in which we live. The Earth as we know it is far from perfect! Suffering is a daily reality for many people on this planet. We often start to feel that life is a design with highly limited possibilities, when we witness such suffering and evil occurring around us. We must not submit to this way of thinking though. When we do start to submit to thinking this way, we become highly disillusioned and depressed with life. When we become disillusioned and depressed, we immediatly forget our creativity and our potential. We live in ignorance of the fact that life holds unlimited possibilities for us, we become more and more asleep.

Sometimes we even falsely start to believe that this negative outlook we now hold on life is the result of wisdom. But it is far from any kind of wisdom that we have discovered sadly. Instead of growing wiser as we age, many of us simply become more ignorant and delusional as we age. The more fearful, hopeless, hateful and faithless we become, the more ignorant we have become of our own creative abilities. The more we take this destructive route, the more we blame the world for our ills and offload blame on to other people. We forget our own self responsibility to change our lives for the better.

Sadly not wisdom but Ignorance

This is a bitter pill to swallow for some, as many people love to cling to their miserable outlook of the world and call it wisdom. They would be astonished to realise, that this so called wisdom they proudly possess is actually ignorance. This ignorance being the result of their mind being indoctrinated with heavy conditioning and irrational belief systems. These people have lost all ability to recognise that they have any level of creativity. They simply accept and surrender to the evils they see in the world around them. They feel powerless and are often heavily burdened and distressed by these conditioned belief systems they hold about the world.

We can’t be blamed for feeling this way though. We can’t be blamed for becoming highly ignorant of our inner power. The cause of this ignorance stems from the society in which we live today. From birth, we have been conditioned to live in a state of fear. We are schooled to believe we are powerless and that there is absolutely no point to our existence.

Schooled in Ignorance and not Possibilties

Society has educated us to feel that we are not good enough. Society and education often destroys the creative essence of our human nature. Endless knowledge accumulation creates a muddled and confused mind and limits our ability to mentally be still. A free and still mind, is a mind that has gained awareness of itself. A free and still mind is a creative mind as it can begin to imagine and think clearly once more.

Generally, people are not taught to become more self aware, they are taught to endlessly gain knowledge and to view life as something where they compete with others for the crumbs on the dinner table. In essence, we are taught to be completely lacking in any awareness of ourselves and we are also taught to simply conform to societies wishes for us. All of us, are encouraged to simply ‘fit in’ and play our part. We are not taught to become the powerful individuals we are.

Stop Looking Outside – Look Inside

We are taught to seek externally for things to make ourselves happy, we are born and we die as consumers. Everything in modern society is based around becoming as superficial as possible. Being shallow and hollow is the preferred way of living in 2020. The issue with this way of life though, is even when one gets the attention they so crave, they still find their lives are deeply lacking and empty because happiness is never found this way.

The creative centre we must learn to connect with is the subconscious/unconscious mind. The Inner Self that we have long forgotten. We often live purely in the state of our outer self and fail to recognise this hidden inner self. This is the greatest form of ignorance we can attain. It is also, the biggest trap that we can fall into in our search for contentment in life.

seeking possibilities
Seeking Enlightenment = Living in ignorance of the Light that is always there

Moving to the Positive solution for Ignorance

I have recently been avidly reading a book by Dr. Israel Regardie called the ‘Romance of Metaphysics’. This is a wonderfully well rounded book on the New thought/law of attraction concepts blended with a more scientific pscychological view of the various practices. I am yet to read, a more well researched book on spiritual and scientific ideas regarding self transformation. I am now going to include a paragraph that I have read and reread on many occasions. It really is startling, how simple and profound this particular paragraph is!

‘Fear, shame and guilt regardless of what they become attached to, are grounded in ignorance. I am always reminded, when dealing with this problem of ignorance, of the Buddhist view that there is no sin other than ignorance. Were this one factor eradicated, all other sins – of greeds, sensuality, lack of control, etc. – by themselves would be impossible. The knowledge of the true self, “the essence of mind which is intrinsically pure” has been lost, and as a result every sin has become manifested. In one Chinese Buddhist text, the Sutra of Wei Lang, the whole problem is stated with unexcelled simplicity. “The Wisdom of enlightenment is inherent in the mind of each one of us. But it is only because of the delusion under which the mind works that we fail to realise it ourselves and have to seek the advice and guidance of a teacher. Now you must know that so far as the Buddha nature (Christ- consciousness) is concerned, there is no difference between an enlightened man and an ignorant man. The one knows it, the other doesn’t” The whole matter could hardly be stated with greater cogency or in simpler language.’Dr. Israel Regardie

So there we have it, it couldn’t be more straightforward when we view the matter of enlightenment in this manner. All complication has been removed, enlightenment is a simple case of knowing and acknowledgment of our true inner self. We don’t need to aspire to be spiritual, we have just forgotten and become ignorant of our spiritual nature. We just need to remove the ignorance and forgetfulness and we become spiritual again.

This statement also highlights that if we understood that we possessed this great inner power, we would automatically drop a lot of our destructive habits that seem so hard to overcome. We would understand our own value in the world, we would gain our confidence back. Naturally once we learn to value ourselves again, all of our actions and choices will also change instantly. All of our sin would be naturally eradicated solely through simply discovering our own self worth.

Ignorant Vs Enlightened Man

The ignorant man denies the inner self and dismisses it as baseless nonsense and believes the world as he sees it is all there is. The ignorant man fiercely denies anything he can’t scientifically prove, or see evidence of and contents himself, with acquiring more belief systems and gaining more knowledge that in the end results in him becoming similar to a dead man walking, with no original thought of his own.

The enlightened man is curious to explore himself and the world in which he lives. He is curious to experience and explore the deeper side of himself. The enlightened man keeps an open mind and is not content to simply close his mind off to the many possibilities that surround him. He appreciates that there is much more to this world than meets the eye. He does not necessarily claim to know that he understands the mystery of life but he is willing to keep an open mind. The enlightened man also understands that the only way he will get the answers he seeks is by focussing on his connection with his Inner Self. The more he strives towards this connection, the more he will achieve it and the stronger this connection becomes.

The Creative Power inside of us – The True Self

This creative power and force inside of us is merely waiting to be awakened. We don’t need to go anywhere to find it or get it, it is not external to us. We already have this great power within us, we have just forgotten about it. Remove the delusion and forgetfulness that you are powerless and must keep seeking externally for money, love and status to make you feel good about yourself. Understand that there is a deep part of yourself, that once you learn to connect with it, it will transform your life in quite a natural manner.

‘There is a two fold ignorance, named as knowledge and ignorance, which is experienced by those not aware of the real self’ – Ramana Maharshi

To move out of our ignorance and deep unconsciousness. We simply must become aware of our inner self and understand that we have this much purer cleaner level of consciousness laying deep within ourselves. Once we recognise this part of our being, we become aware of our unlimited possibilities once more. We become like the day dreaming child we used to be, not heavily burdened by our memories or the knowledge we have been bombarded with during adulthood. We are no longer the ignorant man the day we recognise this!

As children, whether we appreciated it or not, we naturally had faith and trust in the world. We would feel endless possibilities awaited us and we used the power of our imagination. The process of enlightenment is rediscovering faith/trust in ourselves. It is understanding that we are so much more than the powerless person we think we are. Realising that we are a creative individual and not just a fear ridden limited individual. Rediscovering our imagination and ability to visualise the life we wish to create for ourselves.

True Freedom is found from going Within

We are free to design our lives in any way we choose, once we reconnect with the creative inner self. We can begin to see the endless possibilities that await us in the future. Once we trust and have faith in this powerful inner self laying asleep within us, we find the world becomes our oyster again. Modern spirituality has become overly complex and highly confusing! We do not need to meditate for two hundred days a year or find some highly wise guru and give him all of our life savings to become enlightened. Awareness and faith are all we need! We are our own teacher and we are our own master. Also, we must learn to trust in ourselves again, this trust does not occur overnight but with time it will happen if we want it badly enough.

‘We all realise that unlimited possibilities are latent in the great within.’ – Christian D Larson

Once we let go our of our belief systems and conditioning and tap into this unconditioned part of ourselves, we finally become free of ignorance again, we finally find faith again. We connect with the divine spiritual part of ourselves, the creative centre of our being. When we rediscover our child like ability to imagine new solutions and new possibilities, free of the heavy conditioning we have accumulated over the years. We begin to experience the feeling of freedom again and the unlimited possibilities that life has to offer us.

As previously stated, this marvellous hidden part of ourselves can not be scientifically proven with evidence in a lab report. It is something which can only be felt and experienced. The experience of deeply connecting within yourself is truly felt when the mind is silent and your body is completely relaxed. Once the mind is truly still and the body is truly relaxed, you are then fully connected with the Inner Self.

In Conclusion… The Only Sin is Ignorance

The only sin is ignorance, once we remove this ignorance, that we are just this body called John Smith or Mary Stevens, we move into a whole new reality. We have been taught that sin is about committing bad or immoral acts. It is something much more severe than this that we battle with. The ignorance of our true self is a much greater sin and discovering this enables us to build a new foundation. A reality where we feel connected again, a life where we have hope and ambition again and start to realise our true potential once more. We must remind ourselves, that in life anything is possible. It is never too late and you are never too old.

Simply appreciate your own abilities and realise there is much more to yourself than meets the eye. Remember that this world contains unlimited possibilities. Try to never forget this! To view life as limited and that you deserve to suffer, is to live in ignorance of your true creative potential. A very inspiring post about ‘Turning Within’ and becoming self aware with Ramana Maharshi to finish today.

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