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Raising the Vibration of the Subconscious Inner Mind

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Raising Vibration on a Deeper Level

In my previous post, I aimed to portray how raising our vibration is a straightforward way of raising our thoughts to a positive level. Frequency music is a very effective form of raising our vibration to a higher state with little effort. Since writing the post, I stumbled across a video by Tom Montalk on Soul Resonance. I was deeply motivated to cover this topic again in more depth after watching it. His interpretation of Soul Resonance ties in with how I have been seeing this particular subject for a while now.

Visible states are either the vibratory effects of subconscious vibrations within you or they are vibratory causes of the corresponding vibrations within you.– Neville Goddard

I have spoken at length about the subconscious mind in the past and its many workings but this is a new consideration for me. The idea is that our subconscious/soul has its own vibrational resonance, that is directly governing our everyday conscious perception of the world that we live in. He talks about how our subconscious vibratory resonance is the true ‘law of attraction’ in our lives. I have always appreciated how the content in our subconscious dictates our thoughts and decisions in life. But I was yet to consider the idea that this other part of ourselves had an active vibration that needed to be nurtured. This brings us back to the revelation, that the inner self is the cause and driver behind all of the external effects we experience.

Unleashing the Subconscious / Inner Self

We must not be fooled by words such as ‘Subconscious’ or ‘Unconscious’ minds. These titles give us the false impression, that we have a part of our mind that is asleep and not playing an active part in our lives. The Subconscious is a highly active driving force behind everything that we do. It is not lying dormant and asleep, it is the very life force that powers our body and minds. If we fully utlilise our subconscious mind, we can even gain wisdom and insight we never knew we possessed. Once we fully understand this, we can give the subconscious the reverence it rightly deserves.

Raising our Inner Feelings is the Key

Montalk states clearly that wishful thinking and forcing positive thoughts is just implementing surface level change. He also explains how managing our vibrations on a internal level gives us a true insight into how the Law of Attraction really works. I.e. our life mirrors back to us how we feel about ourselves on a deep subconscious level. ‘As Within, So Without’. He talks about our subconscious vibratory resonance being the true law of attraction. Our subconscious inner vibration being the underlying cause of many of the outer effects we encounter.

He even goes as far to state that visualisation methods and other law of attraction methods are pretty ineffective, unless they are felt on a deeper inner level as the truth. We need to dig in to the soul/subconscious mind and change the resonance on a deeper level of our being. If we wish to experience improved thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis. Wishful or positive thinking simply does not cut it. We must go deeper than this and look to raise our vibrations at the very root of our being.

A Realisation about Thinking Positively

Another discovery that came out of this theory was my realisation as to why positive thinking and affirmations are sometimes ineffective. Yes, there are instances of these methods working well and working very well. But for many people, these methods are merely temporary fixes. I.e. the minute they stop doing daily affirmations or forced positive thinking, they instantly go back to their old ways. This clearly goes to show that affirmations and positive thinking methods must be matched with feeling/emotion, if we wish to experience changes on a subconscious level. Surface level methods are not enough to impact us on a deeper subconscious level. We need to understand how we feel vibrationally on a deeper level is the root cause of all our thoughts and feelings. If we wish to make positive thinking methods work. We need to focus on generating an emotional response from the heart.

I am now of the view that we must find methods that give us long lasting changes. I am no longer a fan of the temporary methods. As stated clearly in the Kybalion, our vibration is the very foundation of our being.

‘To Change your mood or mental state – change your Vibration’ – The Kybalion

We must learn to master vibration as our initial starting point towards our future glory. Once we start to focus on shifting our inner vibrational states (emotional states). We begin to find the key to more permanent and long lasting changes in how we feel on a daily basis. This is not new age woo woo spirituality, this is genuine and effective advice. This is the original ancient knowledge that has been lost for so many years! Once we begin to understand our feelings are more crucial to manage than our thoughts, we put ourselves closer to being on the winning team.

Change Your Moods by Raising Vibration

Vibration, Frequencies, Emotions, Feelings and Moods. Whatever we wish to call them, they are ALL similar concepts. We sometimes get lost in words, but we need to recognise that our vibration is merely our state of deep heartfelt feeling. The issue with modern day philosophy, is that it has become so overly complicated and hard to decipher. If we are feeling empty, lost, angry and depressed on an emotional level, this is symbolic of operating at a very low vibrational level of being. If we are feeling happy, joyful, hopeful and courageous this is symbolic of operating on a very high vibrational level.

We often focus on changing the thoughts, but if we instead begin to focus on shifting our feelings deep within, we can guarantee more long lasting results. We will naturally experience a shift in our thoughts if we raise our vibration and state of feeling on a subconscious level. If we try to suppress or fight with our thoughts, we generally end up losing the battle. If we raise our vibration, our thoughts naturally begin to shift accordingly in line with our vibrational shift.

This only has to be tested to be believed – Positive vibrations = Positive thoughts. Negative vibrations = Negative thoughts.

Raising vibration is a raised outlook
A Changed Vibration leads to a Changed Outlook

The Downsides with Concentration Methods

‘There is only an individual here and there who has the patience and the will to sit by himself for a certain period during the day. Subjecting himself to an iron mental discipline. The emotional intensity, while not easy to cultivate, is more within the bounds and possibilities than is the other.’ – Israel Regardie

Nowadays in spiritual and psychological circles, endless emphasis is placed upon meditation and mindfulness. This is not a bad thing! These are amazing and well proven methods of transformation and are also great ways of shifting our vibrational state. I would never seek to deny this. But there are issues with these methods, when they are being recommend as a cure to the general public. The simple fact of the matter is that many people do not have the time or the willpower to implement daily periods of strict concentration into their lives. People need simpler methods than this. This is why, focussing on shifting emotional states is a much more effective form of managing the mind. If daily methods of strict concentration are not always realistic, then what methods can we use to implement greater control over our vibrational states or feelings?

A Method based around speedily Raising Vibration

How do we invoke changes in our vibrational states without a time commitment being required? As stated in the previous post, frequency music is an amazing way of doing this and does not require high levels of time commitment or concentration to be effective. How else though can we apply logical methods?

The Mind and Heart Link must be understood

Our fundamental starting point must always be that we must generate a change of feeling to experience a raising of our vibrational state. To do this we must understand the link between our heart and mind. To understand the link between heart and mind, means we begin to understand the link between our thoughts and our feelings. The Bible even correlates the subconscious mind/soul with the heart itself, perhaps this is a topic for another post –

‘For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he’ – Proverbs 23:7

The most simple way to lift our vibration is to stir a strong emotion or feeling in our heart. To do this, we need to focus mentally on making a connection with the heart itself. Neville Goddard often spoke of the importance of our feelings working in cohesion with our thoughts. He placed great emphasis on shifting the emotional states we were experiencing. One of his books was simply named ‘Feeling is the Secret’, which emphasises how important Neville felt our vibrational resonance was. Neville was teaching us to raise our vibration and emotional state to a higher level as a method of changing our lives. A true method of connecting Mind and Heart in a powerful union.

The Power of Interior Prayer

I recently read an excellent book about a Russian Pilgrim called ‘The Way of the Pilgrim’. The man who the story follows was a devout Orthodox Christian travelling across the country in which he was born. Now, the fascinating revelation in this book is how this man managed to negotiate all of his life challenges by utilising the power of interior prayer. The interior prayer method being the Pilgrims way of keeping a high state of vibration and connection to God, no matter how difficult his life became.

What is interior prayer you ask? Put simply, repetition of a prayer while focussing on generating a strong sense of connection and feeling from the heart itself. The Pilgrim would repeat a short prayer throughout the day whilst keeping his focus on his heart, when he repeated the prayer. Many people pray or say affirmations without any heart or feeling behind them. This way of doing things has very limited effect. The Pilgrim highlighted in the book just how effective his method, of praying from the heart was and how it helped him to negotiate the many life challenges he came up against.

The interior prayer method helped the Pilgrim to stay at peace, no matter what circumstances he encountered! This book is not just a religious text, it is a fine example of the power of keeping a high vibration and emotional state through the use of prayer/affirmation. It also highlighted the positive life changes the Pilgrim experienced due to his ability to continually keep his vibration in a high state. I am yet to read a book that so clearly emphasises the importance of connecting our mind and heart. This linkage meaning that we can continually keep ourselves in a high state of vibration, no matter how life challenges us.

Interior Prayer links with Other Methods

This example applies to affirmations, prayers, visualisations and all other forms of mental suggestion, that people in the modern age are seeking to apply to their subconscious inner self. If you pray, use affirmations or carry out visualisations designed to create a change of thinking. You must connect these thoughts, words with a corresponding emotional feeling in the heart. Just merely repeating empty words is not enough to create a raising of our vibration.

In Conclusion…

I hope todays post gives you a basic framework on how to consciously improve your emotional states or moods. We must not become a slave to our moods or emotional states. We must recognise and become aware of the negative thoughts and feelings we are experiencing and then work towards raising our vibrational resonance to shift ourselves to a more positive place emotionally. You may find yourself astonished at how easy you find it to shift your moods. When the will is there to try and shift a mood, it can always be done. You will discover that raising your vibration is your secret weapon, in bringing back control over your mind.

Simply pick a short affirmation, a short prayer or mantra and repeat it to yourself as you go about your daily business. Remembering to focus on the feeling it generates within the heart as you say it. Don’t worry too much about the content of the statement. Simply pick a line that instantly stirs an emotional response from the heart! This is a simple, straightforward method of keeping a high vibrational state throughout the day. Who would of known raising your vibration could be this simple?

‘A Change of Feeling is a Change of Destiny’ – Neville Goddard

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