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Powerful Hidden Secret Behind The Law Of Attraction

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The Confused Message of the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction methods are highly abundant in 2021. So many instructions are given to us. Affirmations, meditations, visualisations, positive thinking, yoga, subliminal music, various rituals, prayer and daily gratitude disciplines. Confused yet about the Law of Attraction? I bet you are!

I am not attacking these methods, they all work very well, but the law of attraction has become more confusing with every passing year. There are endless methods, endless routines and endless disciplines we need to adhere to. But does anyone actually know the true secret behind the Law of Attraction?

Allow me to share with you today, the real secret lying behind all of these methods of manifestation. I am not going to outline any methods today, because I wish to get a simple point across to you. The modern day law of attraction is a highly complex mess and has lost its original message. People are using endless methods whilst having no foundational understanding, of why they are using these methods in the first place.

If you wish to make progress with the Law of attraction and implement it properly in your life, you must begin by understanding the underlying reason you are implementing these methods in the first place. This is crucial!

Neville Goddard And Joseph Murphy on Attraction

Anyone who has followed my blog, will know that I am a huge fan of both Neville Goddard and Dr Joseph Murphy. Both of them were fantastic teachers who taught the Law, in its purest form. They taught people the basics and kept it simple and didn’t branch off on a hundred different pathways, they just urged us to simply Trust and have Faith that our desires would come true. They felt we must experience the feeling of the wish fulfilled, by experiencing the fulfilment of our desires, we thereby let go of our personal attachment to our desires. All of the methods that they taught were designed to take us from a personal attached standpoint to an impersonal detached standpoint towards our desires.

Neville believed that our desires were divinely sent to us and that we must recognise this within ourselves. He wanted us to understand that the heart felt desires we have, are meant to become a living reality. If this wasn’t the case, then the heart felt desire wouldn’t present itself in the first place. Neville believed that the existence of a desire in our heart, was already a proof of its potential reality. Neville simply urged us to use our imagination to visualise its completed fulffillment.

Not My Will be Done but Gods Will be Done

Later in his career, Joseph Murphy simply taught us to trust in the God to manifest our dreams. He believed the impersonal force behind the universe would manifest our desires in the most natural way possible, no personal will was required from us! We simply needed to trust in the impersonal force that is behind all things – God. This is the deeper meaning of trusting Gods will, we hand over our personal will to God and allow our will to become impersonal. We don’t detract anything from ourselves by doing this, in fact we achieve the opposite effect. By giving up our false notions of having personal control, the opposite occurs, we allow great things to enter our lives again.

This One energy which fills all things, will manifest our desires in the most natural way possible, we just have to allow it to happen. Via the simple nature of having faith and trusting in Gods impersonal will to provide it for us, we drop our personal resistance towards the desire and allow the desire to become impersonal.

Spira’s Simple Explanation of The Law of Attraction

I wish to share a fantastic video by Rupert Spira, on the topic. This is only 7 minutes, but if you wish to fully understand the Law of attraction, then I suggest you watch it as a matter of urgency.

Here is a link to the video – The Universe Fulfills Impersonal Desires.

After a few years of studying the Law of attraction. I always felt there must be a more simple explanation. Spira in this video gets that ‘simple explanation’ across very clearly. I would like to add here, that Spira is not a law of attraction coach. I think this is partly why he gives such a clear and concise explanation of a method that has been made very complicated. He isn’t trying to sell us his methods on how to manifest our desires, he is simply keen to give us a simple understanding of how the law actually works!

The Real Secret – Keeping Desire Impersonal

The Real Secret has been revealed and Rupert Spira, explains it very clearly. We have two choices and we must remember, that this choice is ours to make at all times. This is the real secret behind whether our desires will manifest or not. This is the real secret behind the Law of attraction. Either, we stay the small separate personal finite self or we allow ourselves to become the Impersonal Infinite Whole self again. Spira also states in a similar way to how Neville did, that our desires come to us via God himself. Our only task is to allow him to fulfil them. We do this by giving up our personal will and allowing Gods will to work through us.

refinding attraction
Seeing the light again

Personal Desire Vs Impersonal Desire

The choice is between impersonal and personal desire. We must allow our personal desires to become impersonal again, if we wish to see them manifested.

How Do we Achieve this?

We simply let go our desires and hand them to The Whole (God). You don’t do this by operating as a separate identity cut off from the whole, you have no real power when you go this route. We must allow ourselves to let go of our separate need for personal control over our desires and allow God/The Whole to take charge of the issue again.

This is true meaning of getting out of our own way, we stop blocking the good from entering our lives. By making everything so personal and believing we are separate from the Whole (God), we limit ourselves severely. As a personal separate fragment, we have very limited power. When we drop the personal/separate aspect, we become reunited with the Whole again. By dropping our limited separate self, we become the Whole again and we allow ourselves to regain our full power. Yes, you did hear it right, we regain our true power by dropping our desire to control every outcome of our lives.

We must let go of our need to control all aspects of our lives. We achieve this via removing our attachment to our desires. By learning to detach ourselves, we immediately allow our desires to become impersonal again.

Get out of Your Own Way

By feeling we need to personally have control over our desires, we are in effect standing in our own way and stopping our desires from manifesting. Letting go is the same as surrendering, we surrender our desires and no longer try to hold control over them. We allow our desires to manifest naturally by loosening our need to assert control over them. We simply trust that the best outcome will occur without our need to take charge. Therefore, we allow life to naturally unfold, the way our lives were meant to unfold before we chose to block them from unfolding via our personal need for control.

This is the true meaning of allowing our desires to become impersonal. We must drop attachment, we must let go of any feeling or need to personally control the desire we have. The personal control over our desire must be dropped and the impersonal factor has to be allowed to reenter. I know I am repeating myself now, but this point really must be emphasised again and again.

Become Whole again by dropping the Personal

We either keep our desire personal as a fragment cut off from the whole (God), or we drop our desire and let the desire become reunited with the Whole (God).

I must emphasise here again, that God is not a distant figure in outer space, but is the Whole itself. God is our very Being, we just forget that we are part of God. The Whole is simply another term for God. God is the Whole, God is All things, God is Consciousness. We are all an intrinsic part of the Whole, but when we become attached to our personal seperate self, we turn our backs on God. We turn our backs on our True Self who is God.

When we think via our personal identity, we become a small separate fragment cut off from the Whole. When we drop the personal aspect of control, we allow ourselves to become our true identity again which is God.

In Conclusion.. Do not Try to Control your Desires

This is the true secret, stop thinking personal and start thinking impersonal. If we become overly attached, controlling and obsessed with our desires, we are on a downward path. This is a surefire way of blocking our desires from manifesting. This is also a surefire way to bring doubt in to our lives, we need to trust that our desires will be fulfilled, not doubt their fulfilment.

If we make the decision to loosen personal control and let God do it. Then we act from a place of surrender and Faith/trust. We allow the Whole (God) to work though us, meaning whatever desires we have are instantly manifested. All true power lies within the Whole and not in the separate cut off fragment, that is the intellectual mind.

We are all One consciousness, to think we are separate from the Whole is to think Small, to think as the Whole is to think Big! Release Personal Control of your desires today and let them become Impersonal again and thank me later. And remember, it is not my will be done but thy will be done!

Analyse your desires right this second and see which category below that they currently fall into, this is a good way to understand whether your desires are personal or are impersonal.

Personal Desire – Attached to Outcome. Doubt that the desire will be fulfilled. Deceptive personal need to control the desire.

Impersonal Desire – Detached to Outcome. Trust that the desire will be fulfilled. Letting go of the desire to God.

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