Overcoming Positive thinking deception

Overcoming the Positive Thinking Deception and Finding the Truth

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My Path that took me beyond Positive Thinking

When I started my journey towards self improvement, I understood that I needed to change. I began to read and read some more. I picked up lots of different new age books and didn’t seem to realise how deceived I was becoming. Then I started the affirmation methods. I tried different meditations and tried to force myself to stop thinking negatively. Where did I end up? The same place I started from. Forcing myself to think positive thoughts was failing me badly and was highly ineffective.

I was startled at the fact I had seemed to gain so much knowledge but had failed to make any form of progress. Despite all of my endless reading and delving into spiritual philosophy, I was back at square one. First, I followed Buddhism, then I moved on to Indian philosophy, then I dabbled with religion and then finally I went back to the western law of attraction teachings that always seemed so appealing.

I was looking for the final solution and for answers at every turn I made. The only message I got from all of the overly complex books I was reading was that becoming a happy person was a highly difficult affair. I started to believe that a new breathing technique or some meditation ritual that I was yet to discover, was the hidden secret to all my woes. I was now on the verge of giving up altogether.

Forcing yourself to be Positive is not the method

I also believed the notions that if I just tried to think more positively, every issue in my life would be miraculously solved. Osho seemed to feel the notion that we should just force ourselves to think positively all the time was bordering on being childish. After much searching, I now agree with him. He did not encourage people to think positively or negatively. He encouraged people to understand life was a great balancing act. Positive and negative both having their own purpose in our development as people. He felt finding a way of remaining neutral was one of the best solutions to many of our problems.

There is also a huge difference between having negative thoughts and being a person that is focussed on negative thinking. The difference is night and day. The mental health issues we have in society are not caused by negative thoughts, they are caused by the fact that people are generally focussed on negative thinking and are unable to see the positives in anyone or anything. A large number of people live their lives in a state of fear and hatred towards themselves and their fellow humans. This is the true cause of unhappiness, not fleeting negative thoughts that cross our minds throughout the day. We must learn to look deeper beyond simplistic notions like positive thinking being the cure for all the ills of the world.

“The philosophy of positive thinking means being untruthful; it means being dishonest. It means seeing a certain thing and yet denying what you have seen; it means deceiving yourself and others.” – Osho

More Deadly Deceptions that we must overcome

I am sure you have also heard people saying token sayings such as ‘You need to control your thinking’, ‘You need to go within’ , ‘You need to learn to love yourself’ and ‘Think positively’. But what does any of this actually mean? Do the people using such merry sayings actually understand what they are talking about? I have come to the conclusion from my reading, that many of these feel good sayings are utterly meaningless if not given any context. I have also come to the stark conclusion that many of the people teaching new age methods are highly irresponsible and driven by greed. Quite the opposite of spiritually minded people, I might add.

How do you control your thinking when you have never experienced having any control over your thoughts. How do you go within when you don’t know where within is? Is it in the lungs, the stomach or the brain. How do you learn to love yourself when the world and many of people closest to you have told you from a young age that you are highly flawed and have been keen to highlight all of the weaknesses you possess. How do you think positively all the time? When the whole world seems to be promoting negativity at every turn. Turn on the TV and pick up any newspaper and show me where all this positive information is being hidden.

Irresponsible New Age Teachings hinder people more than they Help

Worse than that, many of these so called coaches are always keen to point out to people that anything bad that happened in their lives was caused by themselves. They will also repeat token sayings such as ‘You create your own reality’ repetitively. But what does this mean to someone who was abused as a child for example? You are teaching them that as a child they were to blame for the abuse they received and should of thought more positively to overcome the abuse they received when they were 7 years of age.

I hope you have realised from this example alone, just how dangerous and deceptive a lot of these so called Law of attraction teachings actually are. Advice such as this is completely irresponsible when talking to a person who may be suffering with severe trauma. Teaching people that they were abused because they believed they should be, is in effect letting the abuser off the hook and teaching people to feel responsible for the abuse they had to suffer.

‘There are no Ascended Masters. Banish this superstition.’ – Neville Goddard

Beware of anyone that calls themselves an ascended master also, there is no such thing as an ascended master. These people are simply business people using lavish words to take your hard earned money off of you with their over priced courses and lectures. They will proceed to promise you the world whilst simply wanting you to follow them and their teachings. Many of these masters and gurus are simply driven by the need to feed their own egos and bank accounts.

You will also hear many teachings from these people about numerous levels of consciousness and overly complicated ideas that have no logical interpretation. You may nod and smile when they speak the mystical magical words they are saying. But ask yourself if you actually understand a word they are talking about. If you are finding it hard to comprehend anything they are talking about. The chances are high you may be being misled.

Seeing past the positive thinking craze
Finding the True teachings through many False teachings

And time for the Good news..

You might be thinking where does this rant end, but it ends here. Once we have overcome the deceptions being sold to us, the good work can then commence. Once we understand that we don’t need to look to any gurus or masters for the answers and we know we are our own master and guru, we can finally start the work that is required. This is the work that will actually help to change our lives. Not just token sayings, wishful thinking and magical breathing techniques. This is the knowledge that can provide us with the genuine long lasting change we have been seeking.

The Right Way to teach Positive Thinking

Now, allow me to contradict myself entirely. Many of you may read this and think I am hating on the law of attraction and positive thinking methods. But far from it, the law of attraction is real and highly effective and positive thinking is also real and highly effective. My gripe is with the way these methods are taught. My gripe is with the idea of telling people to simply suppress their negative thoughts, and not to do the sensible thing which is to expose negative thoughts for the half truths that they are.

‘Positive thinking simply means forcing the negative into the unconscious and conditioning the conscious mind with positive thoughts. But the trouble is that the unconscious is far more powerful, nine times more powerful, than the conscious mind. So once a thing becomes unconscious, it becomes nine times more powerful than it was before. It may not show in the old fashion way, but it will find new ways of expression.’ – Osho

Positive thinking is a wonderful thing when it is natural and flows through our minds. But not when it stems from a place of trying to forcefully stop negative thinking. Sweeping everything under the carpet is not a plan for success, but is a plan for further suffering in the future as Osho highlights here. Teaching people to be delusional about their thoughts or to teach them that if they experience a negative thought they are creating dire consequences for themselves in the future is also reckless.

Most of the events we create in our lives stem from the deep seated beliefs we hold deep within ourselves, not from fleeting thoughts throughout the day. To teach people that every single trivial thought they have creates their reality is nonsense. Thoughts must be backed by deep feeling to influence the subconscious mind as Christian D Larson states in many of his wonderful books. Thoughts that we do not accept as the truth or do not feel deeply, do not have a lasting influence upon us. To summarise, if we wish to change our lives we must change our deep seated beliefs about ourselves.

Connecting with the Inner Consciousness

In a previous post, I spoke of shifting emotional states. But this a highly different approach from trying to stop negative thoughts and push them deeper underground into the subconscious. Affirmations and forcefully stopping yourself from thinking negatively are only temporary fixes. We must delve deeper than that, we must connect with our inner selves to create lasting changes on a deeper level.

Once we start to step outside of our conscious thinking mind, we will notice our thoughts naturally come into better alignment. This will happen without us even trying to make it happen. The more we try to force changes in our minds, the more opposition we begin to face. We need to find ways to step away from the mind and see it as the tyrant that it is. We must not keep attempting to fix it with temporary bandages. You must seek the long term solution not the short and ineffective solution.

We must learn the Foundational basics to start with

The teachers pushing positive thinking methods generally offer no foundation for the ideas they are teaching. Telling someone to think positively when they are conditioned by the subconscious mind to think negatively is hopeless. Teaching someone to go ‘Within’, when they don’t know what ‘Within’ even means is hopeless. Telling someone to love themselves when they have been repeatedly been made to feel unlovable is hopeless. Telling someone to control their thoughts, when they are a slave to their minds is also hopeless. So lets move on now from these hopeless methods and move on to a method that truly works. This is the great revelation, this is the key.

In my next post, we are going to again look at the two levels of consciousness we are all blessed with. We have our outer consciousness which is the conscious mind and our inner consciousness which is the subconscious mind. The communicator between these two streams of consciousness is the heart felt feelings and emotions we experience.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

It is often stated in life that if we wish to solve a problem, we must get to the root cause of the problem. If our outer conscious mind is fuddled and full of garbage. We must get to the root cause and address the cause of why our conscious minds are causing us so much distress. The cause of our conscious thoughts and feelings stems from the inner subconscious mind. The conscious (outer) mind simply being the effects of our subconscious (inner) mind, the cause.

To change this we must directly connect with our inner subconscious selves and step aside from the conscious outer personality. You will be stunned at how simple this process is. Once you have connected with the inner self once. You will find it easier and easier to dwell there in the future. Allow me to leave you with a quote from Jesus Christ himself on finding the inner self. We must stop looking outside of ourselves, we must learn to go to the great within. The kingdom within us that we can’t visibly see. Stay tuned!

‘Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, “See here!” or “See there!” For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.’ – Luke 17:20-21

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