Overcoming fear with courage

Overcoming Fear with Courage – Three Simple Methods

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Finding Courage in Fear ridden times

I recently did a three part series on the fearful nature of the times we are currently living in due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Obviously many people have many valid fears at times such as these. Fears surrounding health, finances and the future are highly prevalent in the current climate and understandably so. Simply surrendering ourselves to feelings of fear though serves no purpose for us. In fact, living in a state of fear is very harmful to our mental and physical health. We must find ways to develop courage.

I have already outlined in great detail in previous posts the risks of living in a fearful mindset and also the dangerous risks of too much media consumption. Today, I wish to turn our attention to focussing on another simple method to overcome some of the daily fear based feelings we suffer with. As I have already addressed, fear is generally at the base of many of our emotional states.

The Simple Method for Overcoming Fear

After reading two books by the author William Walker Atkinson, ‘The Kybalion’ and ‘Thought Vibration’. (Which are both excellent self-help books I might add.) I discovered a very simple and effective method for overcoming fear based feelings that I have been utilising myself in recent times. Anyone who has suffered with fearful, anxious or depressive mental states is fully aware of the havoc these mental states can wreak on our lives. Living in fear can lead to a profound state of mental suffering. Many people will turn to vices such as a alcohol, food, drugs or medication to numb out these undesirable fearful states. The method I am outlining today is a highly healthy and productive way of overcoming these destructive moods.

Do Not try to Run Away or Hide from Fear, Choose Courage

First, we must understand that to numb the feelings we have is a very poor method of shifting mental states. You may find alcohol provides a temporary fix and allows you to forget any fear you may feel, but you will wake up the next day facing the same fears you had before you had the temporary fix. We must not run away from Fear! We must become aware of the fear we feel and decide that we wish to feel courage instead of living in a state of fear. As I have said many times before, awareness is our first step to change and always will be. We must become aware of the fear we feel. We must not run away from the fear we feel but become aware of the fear we feel.

Once we have become aware of the fact we are in a fearful state, now we can apply action. Atkinson states that to change emotional states, we must not accept the state or say ‘I don’t want to feel this way’. We must look to shift the state to the opposite end of the spectrum. We must view our emotional states as certain planes of feeling. Courage and Fear are contrasting emotions in the same way Positive and Negative are. Courage being at the positive end and Fear being at the negative end. Atkinsons theory of Mental Transmutation states that our emotional states are simply different vibrations on the emotional scale.

Turn up the Vibratory Volume Dial

His theory could be likened to the idea of turning up the volume on your car stereo. You are turning the volume up to get loud music and you are turning the volume down to get Quiet music. In the same way, you will turn your emotional volume dial up to feel courage and you will turn your emotional dial down to feel fearful. This sounds too good to be true? I am sure you are saying to yourself. But it really is this simple! You must test this theory before you pass any judgement upon it, it really is highly effective once you begin to master it.

Remembering the Link between Heart and Mind

I have mentioned in many recent posts, the importance of heart based feeling matched with the thoughts we feel to change our subconscious beliefs about life. We will notice certain words or thoughts will produce certain feelings in our heart. If we can through the simple use of words or thoughts produce different feelings. Then surely this is very similar to the idea of adjusting the volume dial on your car stereo. We are simply going to be using affirmations and certain words to start to shift the emotional states we feel.

Once we become aware of any fearful states we experience, we will notice certain mental images move into our minds and certain inner conversations start to develop. Our imagination begins to run wild. Now I wish to make it clear that we are not going to try and Stop these mental images from developing or mental conversations from occurring. We are not going to attempt to destroy them as this is completely futile and highly ineffective. We are going to counteract them by focussing on the emotional state we wish to feel. To try to stop them or destroy these destructive feelings is to attempt to stop them while not turning our inner emotional volume dial up. You don’t get louder music by turning the volume dial down in your car. So why are you trying to change your emotional state by not trying to raise your emotional state?

Pushing up the volume towards courage
Raising the Volume of our emotions towards Courage and Positive levels

Shifting Emotional States when Fear arises

We need to raise our emotional state, not get frustrated, angry or feel more negative feelings to get rid of existing negative feelings. We must conquer our negative state of feeling by replacing it with a new positive state of feeling. Positive emotions will overpower negative emotions in the same way noise overpowers silence. If we don’t wish to sit in silence, we turn the volume of the music up to fill the silence. If we are in a dark room, we turn on the light switch to allow light into the room. Focussing on Courage will overpower the feelings of fear we are experiencing in the same way light overpowers darkness and loud music overpowers silence. Now I have outlined the theory behind this method, allow me to share with you the method itself.

The Mental Transmutation Method – Moving from Fear to Courage

We must start with two of the basic skills you must acquire to utilise this method fully, the first being awareness of your feelings and the second being the ability to start imagining and thinking of better outcomes.

1 – The Power of Awareness of our Thoughts and Feelings

Trying to ignore our feelings, stop them or numb them is completely ineffective as previously stated. Feelings do not go away by trying to run away from them or fight them. We must become fully aware of how we are feeling from one minute to the next.

2 – The Power of Will and Self Discipline through Imagination

Secondly, we must apply self discipline and will power to change the feelings we are experiencing. To do this, you will simply start to say certain affirmations to counteract any fear based thoughts or feelings you may have. We are going to implement the use of imagination as Neville Goddard often spoke of in his work. Using our imagination is a key way for us to apply willpower and discipline over our emotional states. Imagination is the key to implementing the ‘Mental Transmutation’ method as outlined by William Walker Atkinson. Changing our mental conversations is also another form of implementing the power of imagination.

Three Methods to be implemented –

I will outline three methods for you to utilise from the wonderful ‘Thought Vibration’ by William Walker Atkinson, these are all great methods for conquering fear with courage.

The best way to overcome the habit of Fear is to assume the mental attitude of Courage, just as the best way to get rid of darkness is to let in the light. It is a waste of time to fight a negative thought-habit by recognizing its force and trying to deny it out of existence by mighty efforts. The best, surest, easiest and quickest method is to assume the existence of the positive thought desired in its place; and by constantly dwelling upon the positive thought, manifest it into objective reality.’ – William Walker Atkinson

As Atkinson addresses here, we do not try to run away or get frustrated with the feelings we feel. We focus on a positive state of feeling to replace the negative state of feeling.

Instead of repeating, “I’m not afraid,” say boldly, “I am full of Courage,” “I am Courageous.” You must assert, “There’s nothing to fear,” which, although in the nature of a denial, simply denies the reality of the object causing fear rather than admitting the fear itself and then denying it.– William Walker Atkinson

Instead of affirming, ‘I hate feeling like this’, ‘Why do I feel so full of fear?’ or ‘I wish I could stop myself from feeling like this’ which are all highly ineffective and just reaffirm your fearful state and feeling of powerlessness. We will be finding new ways to overpower our fearful thoughts. If we keep recognising our fearful thoughts as holding power over us and don’t try to improve them, they will continue to rule over our lives.

Method 1 – Affirmations – ‘ I Am Full of Courage’ & ‘I Am Courageous’

Two affirmations to use when a fearful state arises –

1- ‘I Am Full of Courage’

2- ‘I Am Courageous’

There is no limit on how many times you repeat these statements. Either repeat them mentally or out loud verbally as many times as required. Continue repeating them until you feel a shift in your emotional state. You should notice your heart and gut based feelings begin to shift towards more positive uplifting feelings. You should notice a sense of mental calm coming over your mind.

Method 2 – Mentally Focus on Courage and Feel Courage

To overcome fear, one should hold firmly to the mental attitude of Courage. He should think Courage, say Courage, act Courage. He should keep the mental picture of Courage before him all the time, until it becomes his normal mental attitude. Hold the ideal firmly before you and you will gradually grow to its attainment – the ideal will become manifest.– William Walker Atkinson

Mentally focus on the thought of Courage, say the word Courage repeatedly and Act and feel Courage in your heart. You will notice a power starts to fill your body that you never knew existed before. Fear leaves you feeling depleted and empty with no gas in the tank. Experiencing Courage will make you feel powerful and ready to take on the world. The best way to implement this method is to simply sit somewhere quiet and comfortable, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. Then begin to focus on the word ‘Courage’ in your mind, say the word verbally and then begin experience the powerful feelings that rise through your body.

Method 3 – Replace ‘I Can’t’ With ‘I Can and I Will’

Think – ‘ I Can and I Will’

Feel – ‘ I Can and I Will’

Say – ‘I Can and I Will’

Act – ‘I Can and I Will’

We often say ‘I Can’t Do it’ about many things in our lives, but how many times do we say to ourselves that ‘I Can Do it’? We must replace ‘I Can’t do it’ with ‘I Can and I Will Do it’. These words may even seem unnatural to us at first. But with time, they will become normal if practiced enough. ‘I Can’t’ is a fearful statement and ‘I Can’ is a courageous statement. Question any thoughts that say ‘I Can’t’ and replace them with ‘I Can and I Will’.

In Conclusion..

These methods are tried and tested and work very effectively. They are simple ways to shift emotional states in an instant. Now, let us begin the process of conquering any feelings of fear and suffering we experience with powerful feelings of courage and prosperity.

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