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Neville On The Power of Being Governed By Desire

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Quite a mind blowing quote on the power of becoming Governed by desire, from Neville Goddard here today. Quite the opposite to a lot of the eastern based teachings, you will find around nowadays about killing off desires, killing the ego etc. This also ties in with my recent post on the Law of Attraction, about the need to make our desires Impersonal. I also wish to say again, Desire is not our enemy as it is often claimed to be. Our enemy is our attachment to our desires, not desire itself as it is often claimed.

I have been watching quite a few, Joseph Rodrigues videos in recent times. I highly recommend his video ‘Your Imagination is your Identity’, if you have not checked it out yet. Joseph refers to the brilliant Neville book ‘Out of This World’, quite often in his videos. I decided to go back to this book after not reading it for awhile and I was very glad I did. This quote was taken from this great short book by Neville.-

“There are two actual outlooks on the world possessed by everyone – a natural focus and a spiritual focus. The ancient teachers called the one “the carnal mind,” the other “the mind of Christ. We may differentiate them as ordinary waking consciousness – governed by our senses, and a controlled imagination – governed by desire.’ – Neville Goddard

So a Challenge has been raised by Neville here –

Neville challenges us to become Governed by our Desires and to Refuse to be Governed by our Five Senses.

Now allow me to break this down for you in simple terms –

What does being Governed by Desire actually mean?

It means Submission of your Senses to desire and a need to Fully Surrender yourself to your desires. It could also be described as a Acceptance of your Desires and a need to ALLOW your desires to manifest naturally! The age old saying of Surrendering your Will to God could also be implemented here.

The Dangers of Being Governed by the Five Senses

If we are being governed by the five senses/personality/intellect, it most likely means we will end up trying to fight against our desires. Unknowingly by doing this, we will begin to stop our desires from manifesting. (I.e. when a desire arises in the mind, the senses/intellect will step in and will try and find all the reasons in the world as to why we cannot achieve the desire.)

The types of thoughts that may arise, when a desire springs up are along the lines of – ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I am not worthy to have that in my life’ or ‘I wish I could have that’.

Sound Familiar to anyone??

Solution – Stop Fighting Against Your Desires, they are from God!

By allowing, the senses and intellectual personality mind to govern you in this way, you are deliberately self sabotaging yourself. You will end up fighting against your desire for good. Worst of all you will begin to start fighting against your True Spiritual God Self! This is like a form of Spiritual Self Harm.

I think we can all guess by now, why being governed by our senses is a very bad choice for us to make. This is the direct opposite of ‘Living in and Feeling the state of the wish fulfilled’ as Neville often outlined. This is the direct opposite of ‘Living in the End’ as Neville often outlined. By raising up, opposing intellectual arguments to our heart felt desires. We are actually blocking the good from entering our lives.

Can we see how dangerous this is?

We are quite literally Blocking ourselves off from happiness. We are creating obstacles where there are none. Worst of all, we are Choosing to stand in our own way!

The conditioned Outer ‘Carnal’ Sense mind is now ruling our lives again and we are not allowing ourselves to be ruled and governed by the Inner ‘Christ/God’ Mind of Imagination and Creativity. Simply put – Get the Carnal Mind / Personality (Outer senses) out of the way and allow your Christ Mind (Inner Sense) to take control again.

Submission of the Senses is Key to Manifestation

– By Submitting your Senses and being Governed by the desires you have, you are therefore accepting the desires that you have. You are allowing your desires to manifest in the most natural way possible.

– By Accepting and Submitting to the Desire, you automatically place yourself into a position of feeling fulfilment and living in the state of the wish fulfilled (living in the end).

– By Accepting and Submitting to the desire, you automatically place yourself into a position of detachment and also in to a state of faith and trust that God will take care of it for you. Your Personal desire becomes an Impersonal Desire.

How do we go about doing this then?

When a heart felt desire arises, simply say ‘Thank You God!’. Yes, Really.. this simple. Simply thank your spiritual self (God) for providing you with this desire for a better life.

Walter Lanyon often spoke of this in his books. We only need to be thankful and grateful to God for already receiving the desire. It really is this simple. Simply repeat the words ‘Thank you God’ time and time again until the mist clears and you feel the fulfilment of your wish becoming a reality.

Removing Personal Control/Force – Letting God DO IT

This process has a wonderful effect, it removes doubt, it removes the need for personal control over the desire and crucially it forces our desire to become Impersonal again. By giving it to God, we automatically remove the need to force things to happen. By giving it to God, we remove the need to raise opposition or fight with ourselves. Via handing it to God, we get out of our own way and Let our inner God/Christ Self do the work for us.

‘Therefore I say to you, whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive it, and it will be so for you.’ – Mark 11:24

By saying thank you, we show gratitude to God within for the desire already awaiting us. By saying thank you, we are recognising the fact that the desire is already a living reality. We are claiming our desire and are not merely wishing any longer. We are saying thank you to our Inner God for already having received it! This is a leap of faith, but once we have made this leap of faith. We are on the right road to allowing our dreams to manifest themselves in the most natural way possible.

Not MY Will be Done, But Thy Will be Done

To conclude, we must refer back to the Biblical saying of ‘Not my Will be Done, but thy will be done’. By saying, ‘Thy Will be Done’, we are handing over our personal sense of control and responsibility to God. We are no longer blocking God from providing for us. We are allowing his will to manifest in our lives. In summary, becoming governed by desire/god is another method of making personal desires become impersonal again.

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