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How to Make more Money? Blockages – The Science of Getting Rich

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The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles

I have owned ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ for nearly two years but have only just read it properly. I regret the decision not to consume it sooner, this gem really is a must own for anyone seeking to gain wealth or prosperity in their lives. In times of high economic uncertainty as we are currently facing due to the corona virus pandemic, books like these truly are goldmines of inspiration. Books like these were written for times like these!

The beauty of this book again similar to the ‘The Game of Life and How to play it’ is its short format. It packs clear concise enlightening information in to a highly compact and easy to read book. This is a book you can read often and repetitively. The more you read it the more it will sink deeply into your subconscious mind allowing permanent changes to form. I recommend reading this book at least 3-5 times if getting richer spiritually and materially is your ultimate goal.

Overcoming Financial Blockages

Reading ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ has led me to thinking of some of the ways in which we block ourselves from getting richer. I wish to outline in this post some of the key factors standing in our way from making more money. These are in part my own ideas and in part ideas gleaned from the book itself. The mental blockages we carry are the first thing we must deal with and confront if we wish to become richer.

The importance of our own inner journey towards Money

The Science of Getting Rich focusses on how attaining wealth and becoming rich is an inner journey, not a journey of seeking the external and wishing to destroy the people around you to get it. This is a common misconception about becoming wealthy, the idea that you must become a wicked person to achieve wealth and must be a menace to your fellow human in the process.

We all fully understand that there are a lot of ruthless and heartless rich people in this world who have gained wealth at the expense of others and through using dubious methods. But we must not assume that the only way to generate wealth is by having to be like this. Wattles makes it very clear that most people take the ‘competitive’ mindset to money whereas the ‘creative’ mindset is the one we should be applying. The premise of the book is to build your inner wealth reserves and external wealth will be sure to follow. The idea is also to benefit humanity with your wealth creation and not just to benefit yourself.

Money is not Scarce, it is everywhere

There is a common misconception that money is scarce and can only be gained by unique people. A key point in this book highlights the fact that money is abundant and is something we are all worthy of attaining with the correct mindset. We just need to believe that money is something each and everyone of us can have if we want to have it. In fact, if we continue to believe money is scarce, it puts us into a competitive mindset leading us to potentially generate wealth using dubious methods. Another negative side effect of believing money is scarce, is how it can lead us to not enjoying money and even worse, not spending any of our money due to fear of losing our money.

This is in part why Wattles places such a firm emphasis on understanding that money is there for all of us to enjoy and should never be approached from a place of lack. We don’t turn on the tap in our kitchens expecting our water supply to run out if we leave the tap on for too long. Why must our attitude to money be any different?

Must Read – The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles

Don’t over spend and don’t hoard – Respect Money

Of course, this is not encouraging people to get into debt or to not save any of their earnings. But it is a stern reminder that either extreme of attitude towards money is incorrect. The overzealous saver is saving to the point that they never gain any enjoyment from the money they have accumulated. The free spending non saver who is happy to accumulate debt is also at fault due to their lack of respect for money. Both examples suffer unhappy consequences for their actions but they play out in different ways. As with many things in life, it is crucial to find the middle ground if we wish to be successful. Wattles emphasises the fact that we must respect money but not view money with fear or contempt.

Believing in Poverty – The Poverty Mindset

Beliefs about poverty can also be linked to a poverty mindset. I wish to emphasise that I am not wishing to sound like one of these modern Law of attraction gurus (not naming names), who state that people born into severe poverty have got what they attracted. Any sane human being knows talk like this is complete nonsense. Much of the world is born into terrible poverty through absolutely no fault of their own. To claim that every poor person in the world is in some way getting what they deserve is the statement of someone who is ignorant.

Despite these criticisms though, the poverty mindset is a real and living thing. You must not attach yourself to the idea that you are poor and nothing can be done to change it. Poverty is sure to remain in your reality and you will do absolutely nothing to change your circumstances. We must encourage all people to strive for more ambitious attitudes towards the concept of money if they wish to change their financial circumstances.

The Dangers of Low Self Confidence

Lack of confidence and lack of love for the Self is also a big part of the issue. If we hold only feelings of anger and hatred towards ourselves then it naturally leads to a poverty mindset. i.e we are mentally poor. We might even start to believe our suffering is necessary and that we deserve to not have financial comforts. The man who believes in himself and loves himself is already on the path to having a richer mindset, therefore naturally drawing himself closer to abundance and success in his life. We must focus on our inner cash reserves before we start building our outer cash reserves.

Love attracts positive events

In my previous post, I spoke of the emotion that we call ‘Love’. By increasing our love for the world and our neighbour we can put ourselves in to a higher vibrational state. Wattles often refers to this as being Grateful and showing more gratitude. By raising our vibration in life generally, we will notice more positive outcomes start to occur in our daily lives. If we are just focussed on dire outcomes and negative circumstances, we will be prone to creating more of the same in our lives.

True love is a highly powerful and magnetic energy that can help to make us more financially abundant if channelled appropriately. Being thankful for what we have and learning to be grateful are examples of becoming more loving. Becoming more loving also enables us to generate more faith. By having more faith in the good and not the bad, we then start to expect things to go our way enabling us to feel highly motivated. Instead of remaining in a fearful state which will only lead us to feeling demotivated with a bleak outlook on life.

In Conclusion..

I have highlighted here some of the blockages and obstacles we may face in our pathway to making more money. It is clear that impressing our subconscious mind with positive beliefs about money, is our first step to change if we wish to live a more prosperous life. In a future post, I will be digging deeper in to some of the solutions Wallace D Wattles proposes in changing our attitudes about money and wealth creation. I will list the main factors required to build a prosperity mindset. My aim is to break down and simplify the most important teachings in this great book. Stay tuned!

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