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Fear is Contagious, Destructive and must be Avoided – Global Virus Pt 3

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Fear is a weapon of mass destruction

In part 1 of this series I aimed to explain the destructive nature of fear, in part 2 I aimed to explain the effects of fear on our physical wellbeing and the damage it can do to our immune systems. In part 3, I am going to explain how constructive plans to avoid fear must be implemented at times of crisis.

During this global COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic, it is more important than ever before to understand how contagious fear is. We must be aware of the information we digest and also become more aware of the company and friends we keep. As explained previously it is important to not allow ourselves to become governed by fear due to the effect it has on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Fear is a weapon of mass destruction” – lyrics from Mass Destruction, Faithless

Humanity has been living a fearful state for many years throughout history, this is not news to any of us. It takes a profound strength of character to live life immune to the fear virus that rules our planet. We are constantly filled with fear and negativity on a daily basis. It comes as no great surprise that rates of depression and mental health issues are at all time highs when society is filled with such a bleak outlook. We must learn how to protect ourselves, knowledge is power.

Be careful of the Media you choose to watch and read

It is important to be aware of the information you are seeking at this time of crisis. Watching the news all day is a guaranteed way to be filled with fear overload. The news channels are only too happy to focus on destructive information. The news stories circulating the internet right now only focus on negativity and little else. This is the time to be aware of the risks we face but it is not a time to be taken over by fearful thinking. Fear is not productive and only serves to make us feel powerless and helpless. The mainstream media know that ‘doom and gloom’ sells. We must NOT become a slave to this.

The media have been fear mongering for many years. But now in this modern day of information overload where information is so readily available, the fear mongering is at epic new levels. Social media sites are endlessly filled with fearful outlooks on the current world situation. If you based your views on current events, you would think there was no hope for any of us. Do not fall in to the trap of focussing on the overly negative fear spreading through the internet and our TV sets.

Courage is needed right now more than ever before

Focussing on negativity will only heighten the problems we currently face. Humanity as a collective must be focussed on positive outcomes. We need to be filled with courage to face the challenges we currently experience not doubt, terror and insecurity. We do live in frightening times but we must be willing to face our fears and conquer them.

Courage not destructive
The COURAGE needed to face the steep climb ahead

Keep up to date on the events occurring right now but do not spend every waking minute consuming news stories or roaming social media sites. This is a very destructive place to focus your attention right now. With the correct mindset, this can be seen as a productive time. Perhaps its a good time to focus on that idea that you have had for years but have never had the time to execute. Perhaps its a good time to focus on enjoying spending time with your family who you don’t usually get to spend time with due to the busy nature of modern life.

The remedy to this problem is to know when to turn your TV, smartphone or computer off! If you feel yourself becoming taken over by feelings of fear and distress. Chances are you are watching or consuming too much harmful content and should take a break from media consumption.

Be Careful of the Company you keep

Be aware of the company you keep at this time, sometimes the people we speak too or spend time around can contribute to our problems. If the people we talk too are only interested in talking about negativity or fear, then we must be mindful of the damage it can do to our own outlooks on life. Its important to surround ourselves with positive and courageous people at times like these. As the headline states, fear is highly contagious and destructive. If you spend an hour talking to a highly fearful person, you will not come away feeling refreshed or uplifted. Instead you will be left feeling drained and depressed.

We must be aware of how we feel after having interactions with other people, if we feel bad after talking to someone. The chances are high that the conversation was not a positive one. If we feel boosted and refreshed after talking to someone, then the chances are high that the conversation was a positive one. Laughter is also very important during times of crisis, we must not be ashamed even at dark times like these to still see humour in life. Focussing on impending doom and hopelessness achieves absolutely nothing and again leaves us feeling highly vulnerable and powerless.

Misery loves company

The saying ‘Misery loves company’ is very accurate. We must focus on positive outcomes during these times, our thoughts are very powerful. If we believe wholeheartedly in negative outcomes and negative circumstances, then life has a terrible habit of mirroring back the reflection we see. Bearing this in mind, gently distance yourself from negative people and gravitate towards positive people. You will be astonished at how effective a simple change like this can be on your outlook.

I understand that it is not always simple to distance yourself from negative people when they are close family or friends. But even in these cases, awareness of how other people can effect you is crucial. Simply understanding that other people can effect you with there negativity is the first step to helping maintain a positive mindset.

Now is the time to seek positivity

Remember that fear is a contagious virus, it’s not just Corona virus we should be practicing distancing for. We need some positivity and hope at this time. Seek out positivity in life and positivity will find you. It sometimes really is just a case of changing the emotions you are searching for. Try to limit your media consumption, ensure your interactions with people are positive and take some time to yourself during this isolation period to find some peace of mind.

These are highly challenging times for all of us, people are facing the heavy prospect of loss on many fronts. The future has never seemed so uncertain in recent times. Despite this, try to think of how you can make a positive impact. Helping others in times of crisis is always a highly rewarding action. Even if its something small, like a simple phone call to check on someones wellbeing. If humanity stood together instead of divided, many world problems would be cured in an instant. Now is the time for humanity to join together in positive action and thinking. I will leave you with another inspiring quote from guru Paramahansa Yogananda to think upon. Stay safe.

‘The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success’ – Paramhansa Yogananda


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