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Feeling the Wish Fulfilled – Feeling Grateful – Law of Attraction

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Feeling the Wish Fulfilled = Feeling Grateful for the Wish Fulfilled

After reading many of Neville Goddard’s books, his teachings can be broken down in to one basic premise and statement. The secret to the Law of attraction is the art of feeling Grateful.

‘Assume the Feeling of the Wish fulfilled’ – Neville Goddard

This is a very simple straightforward statement and is a very effective method for creating a better life. But what actually is this ‘Feeling’ that Neville often speaks of? It makes perfect sense to assume the feeling of having the wish fulfilled. But what does this feeling actually manifest itself as? How can we define this particular feeling? It all boils down to one word and that word is ‘Gratitude’.

Grateful – A Definition

The definition of ‘Grateful’ is stated as – ‘Feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.’ As you can see from this definition alone, gratitude helps us to generate an optimistic feeling towards our present and future goals.

How to test the Grateful theory I am putting forward

Ponder for a second and think of a desire you may have in life, it could be a new job, new house or new partner etc.. Now, imagine actually having this thing you deeply desire in your existence right at this moment. Think of the emotion this generates within you, when you imagine having the wish fulfilled. Chances are you begin to experience a feeling of thankfulness, relief and gratitude. This means that Gratitude is the key feeling we must learn to generate, if we want to create life change.

When you come into the joy of thanksgiving, so that you feel grateful for having received that which is not yet apparent to your senses, you have become one in consciousness for the thing for which you gave thanks.– Neville Goddard

Feeling grateful is the true art of assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If we remain grateful, we will start to naturally shift the world in which we live. Feeling grateful leads us to feeling more accepting of life. Feeling grateful leads us to feel more expectant about receiving the good in life. If we live in a state of fear and lack, we only expect the worst. Gratitude makes us feel more loving and more courageous towards ourselves and the world in which we live. Gratitude also shifts us away from destructive feelings such as hatred, fear and lack.

The Law of Attraction is complex. Feeling Grateful is Simple

As stated previously, a lot of modern day spirituality is overly complex. You will hear of endless methods and all sorts of jargon. If you start reading too much or watching too many videos as I often did, you will become highly confused and will lose track of the path. Forget all this endless complexity. Just learn to feel more grateful and your world will start to change!

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.’ – Rumi

The law of attraction is a way of life and not a method of using intellectual processes. The law of attraction is an emotional state felt deep within. The state of feeling we are seeking is one of Gratitude. Once we begin to embrace Gratitude, we begin to feel a deep power coming from within ourselves. As Rumi cleverly states here, by wearing Gratitude like a cloak we will find all of our needs are provided for. We don’t need to mentally strain to achieve this, we just need learn to feel more grateful.

You should feel grateful for the things you do have. Don’t spend all of your time consumed with thinking about the things you don’t have. By focussing on the things you don’t have, you are remaining focussed on the things you lack and creating more of the same lack. By focussing on feeling gratitude, we remain thankful for the things we already possess and we remain optimistic about the things we will possess in the future.

‘The more grateful you are for everything good that comes into your life, the more closely you place your mind in contact with that power in life that can produce greater good.‘ – Christian D Larson

Remaining grateful keeps you focussed on the good. Because of your newly found ability to see the good in the past and the present, you will also begin to start expecting the good in the future.

A Note to the Doubters and Sceptics

I feel it is important to put a note across to those people who lack the ability to feel grateful. You may even think what I am saying here, is an encouragement for being delusional. Many of you may read this and say to yourself, ‘I have had a terrible life and have nothing to feel grateful for’. I would respond to this by saying that you are probably living in a state of delusion about life yourself. Being grateful is not at all delusional! In fact, remaining ungrateful when you live in comfort is the highest delusion of all. Not being able to afford the best car or designer clothing, is not a hardship and must never be thought of as one. We must always search for things to feel grateful for. Even when the odds are stacked against us!

When your real, effortless, joyful, grateful nature is realized, it will not be inconsistent with the ordinary activities of life.” – Ramana Maharshi

I have noticed that in the western world, where we have daily food, water and luxuries as a given. We have become more and more ungrateful and preoccupied with our sense that there is nothing to feel grateful for. We must always remember, that whilst we have the luxury to sit around bemoaning the fact that our lives didn’t go the way we planned them too. Many people in the world have to get up everyday to secure a simple meal for themselves. Many people in the world are grateful for simply drinking a glass of water. They do not have the time to sit around thinking about the meaning of life.

To anyone who think’s its delusional to live in a state of gratitude, please remember that it is also highly delusional to remain ungrateful when you have food on the table, water to drink and a roof over your head. Try to remember these simple pointers, the next time you feel ungrateful or resentful. Hopefully this will put things into perspective for you. Allow yourself to let go of any ungrateful states of emotion you are desperately clinging on too. We must let go of resentment, if we wish to make progress on this path.

grateful despite the rain
Remain Grateful even when it appears to be raining

Release your Ungrateful mentality

By letting go of the ungrateful mentality and by cultivating gratitude, you allow a whole new life to come into existence. You will appreciate that life is already good and will expect more good things to enter your life. This could be anything from a loving relationship to a high paying job, that will buy you that dream car you have always desired. None of these things are wrong, but never lose sight of the fact that you should be grateful for what you already possess. By remaining grateful and thankful for the past and present, you allow more of the future good to enter your life!

Be grateful to everyone, because everybody is creating a space for you to be transformed – even those who think they are obstructing you, even those whom you think are enemies. Your friends, your enemies, good people and bad people, favorable circumstances, unfavorable circumstances – all together they are creating the context in which you can be transformed.’ – Osho

Don’t cling to the negative experiences from your past, some of the negative events in our lives are our greatest teachers. If we had never experienced any negativity, it is highly unlikely we would ever grow or progress as human beings. Be grateful for the past and understand, that our past is our greatest teacher and has enabled us to become the great people we are today in the present. The past has placed us in a position to learn from our mistakes and to create the best future possible for ourselves. I know this may sound easier said than done, but give it a try. What do you have to lose? Gratitude is a tremendous healer of the mind and body. Letting go of resentment will also allow you to feel less of a burden on your shoulders.

You must learn to feel Grateful for the Good in your life and the Good that is about to come

To summarise, ‘To assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled’ as taught by Neville Goddard was simply the art of feeling Grateful. This is the true Law of attraction that has become highly complex and shrouded in mystery. If you learn to feel grateful, you are powerfully utilising the law of attraction in every area of your life. Do not allow yourself to focus solely on changing your thoughts, focus on changing your emotional state as a starting point. If you change the emotional state, your thoughts will naturally change to being in alignment with your emotional state.

The next time you feel fearful about attaining a certain ambition or doubt creeps in. Simply counter the state of emotion with a few simple affirmations. These are statements you can meditate on or use as a form of prayer. Also, using affirmations before you go to sleep is highly effective method of deeply imprinting the subconscious mind.

Affirmations must be Felt in the Heart and not the Head

These statements are not designed to be thought processes. They are statements that will create the emotional state we wish to feel deep within ourselves. They should be deeply heartfelt and must not just be repeated without any sense of heart driven feeling behind them. Try to impress these words and feel them deeply within yourself, focus on the heart when you say them.

Notice the feelings you generate deep within the body when uttering the words. Don’t focus on the mind, we don’t need interference from the mind here. The mind is a tyrant and will often come in and question any of the positive words we are stating. We are not looking for intellectual power here, we are looking for emotional power. If the mind does start to interfere with any negativity or doubts, simply say the words.

Be Still’

By stating ‘Be still’, we command the conscious mind to quieten down and know its rightful place. Our aim is to connect with the inner consciousness and stand back from the conscious mind. If we simply stay in the outer consciousness, the following affirmations will be of limited effect. We must bypass the conscious mind and connect with the heart for this to be a successful operation.

Focus on the body when you say the following affirmations. If you notice the heart start to expand and rise, you are successfully generating a new positive emotional state of being. You are assuming the state of the wish fulfilled. When you experience positive uplifting heart felt emotion you are experiencing the state of fulfilment that Neville spoke of.

I am Grateful and Thankful’

I am Grateful and Thankful that my desires and wishes are Now fulfilled’

You don’t have to be overly specific for this to be effective, but if you have a specific desire that you wish to focus upon, term it like this. Remember to be positive and definite in the statement you make. Visualisation could also play a part here, but I will save that for a future post. The focus of todays post, is to simply cultivate gratitude in our everyday life and we should be using this as our starting point. –

‘I am Grateful and Thankful that ……………… is fulfilled’

I’m hoping with this post, I have simplified the Law of attraction for you and have given you some practical knowledge. I will leave you a wonderful chapter on ‘Gratitude’ from Wallace D Wattles, from his book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.

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