Everything You Know May Be Wrong

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The First Step to Life Change

If you are feeling frustrated about your life and wish to make changes but wonder why you cannot seem to make any changes then you must begin your journey by asking yourself some difficult questions. The first step is always the most challenging, most people start to make a change but then usually quit at the first hurdle and go back to the safety and comfort of the way of life they know and are comfortable with. This is similar to how many people will take out a Gym membership in January in an attempt to lose weight but will quickly decide going home to watch TV and drink wine in the evening is a much simpler solution than sweat and tears being shed in a loud and hostile gym.

One of our biggest challenges in life is that we wish to make changes but we rarely ever ask ourselves any difficult questions, we sometimes even blame other people for the fact we can’t make changes and leave it there. We refuse to even look at our own behaviour which is probably the greatest mistake that you can make if you wish to move forward in life. This post may seem like tough love but it is an outline of the essential starting point for a person wishing to begin a new life path. You can not bypass this stage and remain in a state of blaming others and still make changes, some self responsibility must be taken on to make this first step.

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A hard question to ask yourself?

I first saw this catchphrase whilst watching a U2 Glastonbury performance from 2011 a few months ago, I felt it was a very significant statement to imprint on the mind. ‘Everything you know is wrong’ is a simple place to start in a seeking for change and knowledge, this is not to say that everything you know is actually wrong or you are a bad person in some form. It is simply a statement for an open mind to consider as it may be the first time we have considered that our beliefs or thoughts could be incorrect.

Where do our thoughts and feelings come from?

Many of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are dictated by our upbringing, education, social status, the people in our lives currently, the media, the politics and laws that govern us. It is very easy to become hateful and cynical about ourselves and the world we live in when 90 per cent of the information we receive from our surroundings is highly negative in it’s nature. Statements such as ‘Life’s a bitch and then you die’ and ‘Only the good die young’ are prime examples of this cynical way of thinking, the statements portray that life is only meant to be about suffering. Worse than that, they also insinuate that you should be a bad person to escape hardship in life.

If deep down inside yourself you do believe that ‘I am here to suffer!’, then you have just given a prime example of believing in something that is inherently wrong. If you believe in statements such as ‘I am not worthy of that, I’m not good looking enough or intelligent enough’ then you have just placed a huge limitation on your life that is also completely wrong. If you place all of the blame for the events of your life on your parents or your husband/wife/partner/boss then you are also completely wrong. This is not to say that these thoughts or events have not effected you significantly, you have to understand though that your life is not defined by these events and going forward there must be a driving desire to move past these events.

The first question you must ask yourself

The crucial first step in an attempt to change your life is simply looking at and reading the statement ‘Everything you know may be wrong’, after reading this and noticing the way it makes you feel about yourself, then ask yourself the following question-

‘Are my beliefs about my own life and the people in my life accurate?’

This question will act as a starting point to opening your mind to possibilities you never knew existed, the minute you start to realise a lot of your conditioning and ingrained beliefs might not actually be true, you have started your journey.

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