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Awakening The King and Ruler Inside Your Heart – Rumi

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The Story of the Hidden King

So today, is a day to share a very highly inspiring poem from the famous Sufi poet Rumi. In recent times, I have spoken often of the importance of connecting with the Inner Self, the Inner Self being our divine connection, our True Self i.e. who we really are, the hidden king who we fail to recognise or acknowledge. The hidden King he speaks of here, is the heart itself. The Heart is the kingdom within, we find the king again by reconnecting heart and Mind. My previous post outlined, how we can go about achieving this.

Our Outer self, our False self, the brain/intellect does not represent who we truly are. We must recognise the Inner Self again, the True self, the Heart. This King, Rumi speaks of here has always been inside of us. We are just ignorant of his presence.

A Poem of Empowerment and Enlightenment

Now the reason I enjoyed this poem so much, was due to the fact it is a hugely empowering poem! This is about discovering this royal power that lays dormant inside of ourselves. The reason it lays dormant within us is because we fail to recognise this great king, ruler and power that is within ourselves. The King is a symbol of the divine nature within us. The King is a symbol of God’s power within us.

This immense power we speak of here manifests itself as Truth, Love, Joy, hope, peace, power and mental clarity. If we give the heart the priority again and push our intellect out of the way, we allow the King to conduct his work in us again. If we surrender to the King within us, we will also find our lives improve and our desires are manifested. The heart is the place of truth, hope, love and peace.

The Dangers of a Hardened Heart devoid of God

A cold, empty, hateful and hardened heart is at the root of many a problem. If the heart is in this blackened state, it is because we have failed to recognise the inner self. If we fail to recognise our inner divine power, we fall into all sorts of despair and disaster. Poor physical health, poor mental health and fearful emotional states, are just a few of the possible consequences for our neglect of the heart. We are in effect cut off from our life source when we neglect our hearts, we are like a rebel without a cause. The ground of our being (God) must be reconnected with, if we wish to find realignment.

Our Ignorance of the King of Hearts

We must remember always, that ignorance of this power within is the true reason for all of our ailments and obstacles in life. Once we surrender and show recognition to the King/God power within us, we instantly remove all ignorance driven by our small intellectual reasoning mind. The more we surrender to and recognise the King within our hearts, the more we ACTUALLY BECOME the King again. This King/God we speak of here, our True self, is not some distant figure, he is US, just we are ignorant of him being who we truly are.

The more we believe our intellectual and conditioned thinking mind is who we truly are, the further away from the inner King we ignorantly become. But if we awaken to the fact that our thinking Outer false self is merely an illusion that is just a result of our conditioning and programming, we allow the inner true self, to re enter his throne. We can know when this process has occurred due to the fact, we will feel refreshed mentally and will also feel powerful feelings of love, contentment and peace in the heart chakra itself.

Enough talking from me, I will now allow this incredible poem from the great Rumi to speak for itself. This Poem was taken from the outstanding book ‘The Essential Rumi’ by Coleman Barks, pick it up if you enjoy Rumi as much as I do. –


There are people with their eyes open, whose hearts are shut.

What do they see? Matter.

But someone whose love is alert, even if the eyes go to sleep, he or she will be waking up thousands of others.

If you are not one of those light-filled lovers, restrain your desire-body’s intensity. Put limits on how much you eat and how long you lie down.

But if you are awake here in the chest, sleep long and soundly.

Your spirit will be out roaming and working, even on the seventh level.

Muhammed says, I close my eyes and rest in sleep, but my love never needs to rest.
The guard at the gate drowses. The king stays awake.

You have a king inside who listens for what delights the soul.
That king’s wakefulness cannot be described in a poem.

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